The National Bank of Egypt joins the financial initiative of the United Nations Environment Program UNEP-FI

Iman Al-Wasili

In an unprecedented step, the National Bank of Egypt has joined the United Nations Financial Initiative UNEP-FI and the signing of the Principles for Responsible Banking Principles for Responsible Banking so that the National Bank of Egypt is considered the largest Banks operating in the Egyptian banking sector that are signatories to these principles, which aim to intensify the positive effects of banking institutions, in addition to promoting the concept of environmental and societal risk management for banking business, and working closely with customers and all concerned parties to encourage sustainable banking practices.

On the sidelines of the bank joining this initiative, Hisham Okasha, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Egypt stated that The bank’s signature of the principles of responsible banking comes in light of activating the bank’s strategic role in promoting the sustainable financing agenda. It seeks to build trust and create a positive impact through banking services and products that the bank provides to its clients.

Okasha added that the bank’s joining the initiative It comes in line with the establishment of the guiding principles for sustainable financing issued by the Central Bank of Egypt in July 2030 and the issuance of the National Bank of Egypt’s first sustainability report in December 2020, where the National Bank of Egypt is among the 1% of banks globally that issue reports with comprehensive disclosure according to the Global Reporting Initiative Global Reporting Initiative in order to enhance transparency rates and disclosure , in addition to the bank integrating sustainability into its internal activities and operations to be a major axis within its strategic axes, in addition to the leadership of the National Bank of Egypt in the environmental field, where the bank has activated programs Funding such as the Pollution Control Program a year ago 2018 through the Environmental Affairs Agency of the Ministry of Environment EPAP – Egyptian Pollution Abat ement Program which is now in Phase III EPAP III of Its implementation in the amount of 181 one million euros in partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the French Development Agency (AFD) , German Development Bank (KFW), European Union (EU) targeting the leading companies in the industrial sector.

, noting that the institutions that have joined the initiative so far have reached more than 400 Financial Institution Included 470 A banking institution, which owns Collectively, assets with a value of 75 trillion US dollars, representing more than % of the assets of the global banking sector, , where the intensification of the positive impact of banking institutions is one of the most important axes of work UNEPFI , which is being achieved by By promoting the concept of environmental and societal risk management for banking, as the initiative acts as a knowledge partner for the Group of Twenty in sustainable financing issues, and through the initiative, the Climate Risk Center for Banks was established to provide analytical and research tools in addition to providing the necessary training to help member institutions implement the principles of the initiative successfully.

Yahya Aboul Fotouh, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Egypt, confirmed

Yahya Aboul Fotouh

The United Nations Financial Initiative is one of the most important initiatives that seek to introduce new culture and practices that create compatibility between sustainable finance and the global goals of sustainable development , the initiative will also contribute to determining the competitiveness and credibility of banking institutions in light of a global scale that is witnessing a rapid transformation towards sustainable development and sustainable financing, especially after the signing of an agreement Paris for General Climate 2015.

Referring to the leading role of the National Bank of Egypt as a supporter of the global goals of sustainable development in line with Egypt’s vision , and these goals include poverty eradication, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, attention to industry, innovation and infrastructure, in order to reach the improvement of quality Life and the achievement of justice justice.

Aboul Fotouh added, stressing the keenness of the National Bank of Egypt to be the largest supporter of the Central Bank’s initiatives that contribute to promoting economic growth and social integration. For the state, as the National Bank of Egypt was able to retain the largest market share for these initiatives, so the bank’s portfolio for the SME initiative reached 2018 One billion pounds 2018 A thousand customers, in addition to 11.5 One billion pounds, the size of the real estate finance initiative portfolio, in the number of 2018 A thousand customers, and the bank has provided facilities up to (1 billion pounds in the initiative to replace cars at an interest rate of 3% for more than 4.2)) thousand customers, and the volume of funding for initiatives to support the tourism sector reached 2.9 billion pounds .

Aboul Fotouh emphasized that the principles of banking The official seeks to develop a framework and approach for banking institutions on how to set strategic goals to expand financial inclusion and spread financial education among individuals. The National Bank of Egypt also places a clear and ambitious digital transformation agenda on top of its priorities in support of the state’s plan in this regard, through a permanent development of a package Digital products In order to attract more groups that do not deal with the banking system, the bank has made a new service that enables new customers to Opening accounts through the bank’s official website, which bears the name “Open your account while you are at your place The bank also launched for the first time in the Egyptian banking sector the service of issuing a direct debit card in real time through the bank’s banking units The mobile banking, which comes within the framework of the bank’s strategy to enhance the digital customer experience and in line with the rapid global and successive developments in artificial intelligence, where the number of internet banking subscribers reached 6.1 million individual customers in addition to 45 A thousand corporate clients, The number of e-wallets in the bank reached 1.8 million, and the National Bank took the lead in opening the first e-service branch during the year 41114, reaching The number of branches and electronic units is currently to 40 A branch and a banking unit.

داليا الباز
Dalia El-Baz

, that the Bank was able to pay great attention to issues of societal concern and gender equality, Where the number of bank customers is 40.8 Million clients including 9.4 Million deposit clients with a percentage of ((% of females), and the bank’s branch network reached 2015 A branch and a banking unit spread all over the Republic, including more than 55 A branch qualified to deal with customers in sign language through training more than 252 2019 Automated teller machine for customers of determination and 208 machine for its customers who are visually impaired, and the bank aims to provide these machines in all its branches, in addition to operating more than 213335 Branch powered by solar energy

On her part, she emphasized that the National Bank of Egypt is the largest supporter of issues related to social integration, so the size of the bank’s contributions in various areas of responsibility and development has reached community during the fiscal year 41114/2020 over Two billion pounds, bringing its total contributions to more than 8.5 billion pounds in the last six years, which are directed in accordance with the criteria of sustainability in community work. The bank’s total contributions to the slum file amounted to nearly 3.5 billion pounds, in addition to supporting the health sector, so the bank’s contributions amounted to about 2.25 One billion pounds, in addition to directing approximately 1998 One million pounds since the beginning of the Corona pandemic for various fields and sectors affected by the pandemic.