Al-Ahram organizes the first financial technology conference next Sunday

Fathi Al-Sayeh and Iman Al-Wasili

Cairo – February 27, 2022: kicks off The first Al-Ahram Financial Technology Conference will be held next Sunday, March 6, 2022, under the title “The establishment of the new republic … a new vision for the digital economy and the cashless society” under the generous sponsorship of Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly and generous patronage from the Central Bank of Egypt headed by Governor Tarek Amer.

From the perspective of its educational and enlightening role, Al-Ahram newspaper, under the leadership of Mr. Abdel Mohsen Salama, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahram Foundation, and Mr. Alaa Thabet, Chairman Editing Al-Ahram newspaper to hold the first conference for financial technology, to serve as a leading platform that brings together all parties of the financial technology system – one of the main pillars of the new republic – led by the Central Bank of Egypt and the banking sector, which was one of the pioneering and distinguished sectors in the field of electronic applications and digital payments within the framework of Central Bank of Egypt strategy Financial technology and financial inclusion, which operates under the umbrella of the National Payments Council headed by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to transform Egypt into a regional center for financial technology. The conference will be attended by a group of specialists, experts and officials in the field of monetary policy, digital transformation and financial inclusion, elite heads of major banks operating in Egypt and the banking sector, heads of electronic payment companies, financial technology, communications and information technology, in addition to experts and specialists in the field of payments Electronic payment cards, smart cards and all digital services that establish the new republic that Egypt stands on its doorstep with the transition to the new administrative capital that was established according to the latest technologies and based on advanced digital applications and services.
The conference also focuses on discussing themes related to the establishment of the new republic, in particular with regard to building a digital economy and a developed and modern cashless society that keeps pace with the latest technology of the era. The conference reviews digital and electronic transformation efforts in the sector Services Finance and banking, which is one of the most prominent sectors that have achieved great strides in this field, within the framework of implementing President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s vision and the state’s plans to transform into a digital society. It also reviews the role of the Central Bank in achieving financial inclusion through a comprehensive electronic system and through a number of Initiatives aimed at encouraging citizens to open bank accounts and obtain advantage cards for national payments.

The conference focuses on The pivotal role of banks operating in the Egyptian banking sector in implementing the Central Bank’s strategies for digital transformation, financial inclusion and expansion in electronic services, advanced digital products, mobile wallets, electronic points of sale, ATMs and other services. The conference sessions also address the role of entrepreneurs and emerging companies in the field of financial technology and problems Which these companies face and the various mechanisms to support and develop their business. Financial technology plays a prominent role in the development of services and the development of modern mechanisms This is within the framework of the role played by the sector as a supporter of all the efforts and projects of the state and the national economy, relying on its high financial solvency, cash flow and broad and solid asset volume that qualifies it to continue its pivotal role in the Egyptian economy and efforts to build the new republic with the support of the Central Bank of Egypt and implementation of the vision of the National Payments Council headed by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

The financial technology system supports all relevant institutions and companies, foremost of which are communications and information technology companies and electronic payment companies. And smart payment cards and other digital institutions and entities in order to provide flexible and simplified means for payment, collection and money transfer within the framework of a secure and tight environment in accordance with regulated regulations and legislation and based on the latest cybersecurity technologies. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will participate in the conference, where several topics will be discussed, foremost of which is the state’s plan to promote digital transformation, access to a cashless society, enhance digital electronic payments, digital government services, and enhance infrastructure. to contact

In its first session, the conference will discuss the development of government services and their transformation into digital services, especially in The field of taxes and customs, including the electronic invoice system and the pre-registration system for shipments, as well as various government services within the framework of the transition to “Digital Egypt”.