Foods rich in vitamin E and its health benefits for the body

Dr. Muhammad Hafez Ibrahim

The US Food and Drug Administration has clarified that Vitamin E E It is a fat-soluble compound and one of the most common vitamins for use, because of the many health benefits it contains. There are many foods that are high in vitamin E that can be easily added to the diet to obtain health benefits.

Vitamin e – e has its special place in the world of cosmetics, due to the fact that it contains antioxidant properties, which prompted many cosmetic companies to add it to some beauty products, skin care and hair. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble compound commonly found in vegetable oils and green vegetable leaves. Vitamin e is an antioxidant nutrient, which works to protect the body from free radicals that cause many diseases.

And foods that contain vitamin E are as follows :

= Almonds : A handful of almonds a day, nuts, almond butter or almond milk, you can get half of your daily needs of vitamin E, and it will provide benefits for weight loss and improved heart health. )

= peanuts : Also rich in vitamin E if you take it daily, you don’t have to worry about consuming healthy peanut butter as well.

= fish : is good for health and that Atlantic salmon contains the highest percentage of vitamin E, and adding it will increase the amount of omega-3 acids. Fats that provide heart and brain health benefits .

= vegetables : leafy

= Vegetable oils : such as olive oil.

= Nuts : and seeds such as sunflower seeds.

= Fruits

: such as mango and kiwi.

And the benefits of vitamin E for the body are :

= strong immunity : Vitamin E contributes to building a stronger immunity, as Vitamin E contains antioxidants to enhance the immune response of the human body, preventing cell damage that Causes chronic diseases.

= Cognitive Health: Vitamin E is useful in enhancing mental cognitive functions, this prevents memory problems.

= Better vision : Adding foods containing vitamin E to your diet, it fights age-related vision loss and improves Eye health.

= Anti-Itchy Skin: Although vitamin E cannot treat infections and allergies that cause itching The skin, but it helps moisturize the skin, and provide relief from itching caused by dry skin.

= Dry skin treatment : one of the benefits of vitamin e It helps to treat dry skin as it protects against wrinkles and early signs of aging, by protecting the skin from sun damage, and stimulating The growth of new skin cells. Among the best anti-aging oils are jojoba oil and coconut.

= Eczema treatment: Eczema known as atopic dermatitis is A common disease condition, especially in children, that results in redness of the skin with a feeling of itching. Among the treatments that are used to relieve the symptoms of eczema are vitamin E supplements. Where use of vitamin E supplements e on improving the accompanying symptoms in infected people.

= Promoting nail health : The use of vitamin supplements E , helps prevent yellow nail syndrome, a rare medical syndrome, one of the most prominent symptoms of which is yellowing of the nails, and cracking. Vitamin E oil moisturizes, prevents cracking and moisturizes the skin around the nail bed.

= Vitamin E Useful for eyelashes : Some people use vitamin oil E In order to promote eyelash growth.

= Maintaining healthy hair

: one of the benefits of vitamin E It contains antioxidant properties, which helps reduce oxidative stress and free radicals in hair cells.

= Increase blood flow to the scalp : Vitamin E increases blood flow to the scalp, which may help maintain healthy hair.

= Increasing hair glossiness

: Vitamin

helps E to renew the shine of the hair, by using oils containing vitamin E. , which works to provide an extra layer of protection for hair and skin.

= Reducing

: of blood clotting.

= Reduces: from symptoms of menstruation in women.

= For the treatment of heart disease : blood vessels and prevention of arterial blockage and high blood pressure.