Adel Lotfy for the program “He Who Built Egypt” The real estate development profession is a divine mandate for the reconstruction of the land

Eh Hussein

I consider Eng. Adel Lutfi, President of the Sheikh Zayed Investors Association , that the real estate development profession is a divine mandate to increase the rates of development and reconstruction on the land, stressing that the real estate developer is responsible for the land reconstruction process, pointing out that he graduated from the College of Engineering in , and began his career in university teaching for a period of one year, but as a result of his ambition and vision to prove himself, he made a decision to leave the field of teaching, especially since he needs to be full-time, which he considered not my role.

Lotfy said, in an interview with the “Li Bani Misr” program, presented by the journalist writer Marwa Al-Haddad and broadcast on “Radio Egypt”, that he started in the field of development. Real estate, which was not known at the time, and participated in the establishment of a company with limited responsibility with the participation of two of his friends at the university, and indeed a headquarters was obtained in one of the engineers’ areas to start designing projects, pointing out that the team believes that they have a clear vision in providing what is new in the world architecture; And implement the requirements of customers and stand on their desires, which became clear later through the establishment of housing projects that are small gatherings, and we have already begun to obtain lands for the construction of residential buildings and some models of simple villas.

Engineer Adel Lutfi confirmed that the continuation of the experiment greatly led to its success after careful study of the needs of the real estate market and the introduction of all that is new in this field, pointing out that the success came in partnership with A friend of the struggle, the engineer Hisham Badrawi, who is still a major partner in the company owned by us. Working together, we had a feeling of reassurance and a common vision in the course of work, choosing a consultant for the company’s projects, and the agreement between us, despite my studies in engineering, but we let the work proceed without any of us interfering, saying: “Working closely with the consulting engineers in the projects of the company, This enabled us to evaluate their designs.”

He indicated that the company’s officials had a clear vision. Giving the project consultant the freedom to set what he sees fit without any interference No, but after agreeing on the outlines included in the project, pointing out that cooperation has taken place with senior architectural consultants in Egypt, namely Engineer Hisham Amr Bahgat and Ahmed Fahim.

He said that the company decided to enter and invest in Sheikh Zayed City, which was a barren desert, and was one of the pioneers of real estate companies that established urban projects in the new city; After it was empty lands, pointing out that one of the most beautiful moments that the real estate developer feels is when he sees the desert transforming into an integrated city on which buildings and trees appear and includes residents and children, because we consider, as I mentioned earlier, that real estate development is the creation of life.
Adel Lutfi concluded, speaking for young real estate developers, that their future dreams are to create a new life and spread natural beauty in construction work as a divine duty. To create all that makes human beings happy.