Center Point Developments launches the “Harmony Business Complex” project in the Administrative Capital

Ashraf Tawfiq

Wael Ramadan: Contracting with “Arcrete” an engineering consultant and Mrb to manage the project to ensure the elements of quality and excellence

Abdullah Anwar: Implementation of the project with a ground height and Roles and delivery within 4 years of contracting

Said Hassan: 2.5 billion pounds, the company’s total investments in the real estate market

Announced Center Point Real Estate Development Company launched its new project in the new administrative capital “Harmony Business Complex”, which is an administrative commercial project located in the Downtown area with a total area of ​​2704 square meters. This came during a conference attended by the company’s leaders.

Wael Ramadan, Chairman of Center Point Real Estate Development Company, said that the company chose the Downtown area to implement the Harmony Business Complex project due to the distinguished location of the area in the Administrative Capital, which is a gathering point for all commercial and administrative projects, making it a business and entertainment area At the same time.

He explained that the company plans to present a project characterized by the elements of luxury and luxury and at the same time suits the target customer segment and those looking for distinctive and guaranteed investment opportunities. Therefore, the company cooperated with a number of strong success partners in the market to implement a different and distinctive project in the Administrative Capital.

He noted that Arcrete Engineering Consultants was contracted to be an engineering consultant for the project, and cooperated with MRB as the project manager, in addition to To contract with ProMEP, the leading electromechanical company, all of which enable the project to come out with the best quality, design and management to operate in a manner that preserves the company’s reputation and the client’s investments in the project.

He stressed that the company is implementing the project under the slogan “Luxury is within reach Your hand” to inform the client that he can have a luxury unit at the same time commensurate with his purchasing capabilities. The project also introduces a new element, which is work in Co-Working Spaces, which will be managed by MRB Management and Operation Company.

Eng. Abdullah Anwar, a member of the Board of Directors of Center Point Real Estate Development Company, explained that the Harmony Business Complex project is located on an area of ​​

square meters, in the heart of the Downtown area, and is an administrative commercial project with a ground height and 115 roles.

He added that the project is divided into two parts The project overlooks 3 different corners that make each unit have a view of an open and different view, and the project’s distinguished location contributes to reaching a number of vital areas in the capital within a few minutes.

He pointed out that It is planned to deliver the project within 4 years of contracting with clients, and the implementation of the project will begin within a year of its official launch. The company has a specific plan and timetables to fulfill its obligations towards its clients, praising the facilities provided by the Administrative Capital for Urban Development to all investors to speed up implementation rates.

Saeed Hassan, a member of the Board of Directors of Center Point Real Estate Development Company, pointed out that the company has a large precedent of residential, commercial and hotel projects, in various areas in the Fifth Settlement, the North Coast and Ain Sukhna, and the company was able to: All of these areas of successfully serving its clients helped it expand and head towards the administrative capital to continue serving its current clients and targeting new clients.

He pointed out that the group’s total investments exceed 2.5 billion pounds, which includes projects of Diversity, and the company aims to take advantage of this huge package of projects to be a base for its expansion plan during the current year, as the company aims to launch more than one project in the Administrative Capital, after completing all the market and financial studies that support this expansion.

He added that the company aims to expand in various areas outside the Administrative Capital and Cairo, especially that the company has a total experience of more than 2022 years in the field of construction, construction, contracting and development, explaining that the company has a plan to invest in The field of hotel projects, through its experience in the tourism and hotel sector.

Mohamed Awad, “Head of Sales Sector,” added that the company has a flexible sales strategy to achieve the highest rates of return on investments for buyers with the aim of investing, and presenting new ideas Addressed to small investors and entrepreneurs to provide administrative headquarters suitable for the size of their business in the new capital of Egypt.

We are also committed to providing the highest quality standards in dealing with real estate marketing companies, serving their clients and ensuring the future of their investments. The company aims to achieve a sales target in The Harmony Business Complex project exceeds 400 one million pounds to be the beginning of the start in the administrative capital to achieve the goals and vision of the company within a year 2022.

He said that the total portfolio of The company’s lands exceed

projects in various areas, including New Cairo, Ain Sukhna, the North Coast and the Administrative Capital, in addition to a tourist village on an area of ​​

one thousand meters, and the company relies on Self-financing of its projects so far, which reflects the strong financial solvency enjoyed by the company.