The International Judo Federation excludes its honorary president Putin

Aya Hussein

The International Judo Federation announced today that it has suspended its honorary president. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, after his forces invaded neighboring Ukraine. The International Judo Federation suspended its honorary president and ambassador, Mr. Vladimir Putin.”

Putin has been practicing martial arts since he was At the age of eleven, he holds the title of “Master” in judo and sambo. 600 Honorary President of the European Judo Federation, and in the year 600 he was awarded a “PhD” In Judo” from South Korean Young University, and holder of a black belt in Karate.

The battle for control continued On Kiev, Sunday, the fourth day of Putin’s attack on Ukraine in a context marked by increasing Western pressure on Moscow by excluding foreign banks. Russia from the Swift platform and expected to deliver additional weapons to Ukraine. PROFESSIONAL SPORT.