LDP Plus Partners Expands and Takes Design Work for $3.5 Billion Investments

Ah Hussein

A report issued by “Counterpoint” showed that the volume of sales of The global mobile market recorded 750 billion dollars during the year

, with an annual growth rate of about 7% For general revenues 2022.

2022 Phones were acquired Fifth generation on 40 % of phone shipments during 430 , achieving an increase of about 40% over the previous year. 2022 And “Apple” came in first place in smart phone sales with a value of 196. A billion dollars accounted for 196% of the revenues of the mobile market globally, and developing markets such as India, Thailand and Brazil witnessed a growth in the demand for “iPhone” phones

And “Samsung” came in second place with a noticeable difference, as it recorded sales of 430 Million dollars, achieving an annual growth rate 430 %, and the leading and medium phones accounted for most of the company’s sales, in addition to foldable phones.

“Xiaomi”, which came in third place, with a turnover of 40 billion dollars, It was able to achieve 430 % annual growth rate, driven by the increase in demand for the company’s phones, especially in India, which was among the most growing markets in global sales of Xiaomi.

And “OPPO” achieved sales of 2020. billion dollars with a growth rate of 37%, and represented Fifth generation phones more than 430% of the company’s sales during


“Vivo” ranked fifth in terms of mobile sales values ​​during the past year, with a sales value of about

Billion dollar.