Mondelez Egypt Foods affirms its constant interest in qualifying young people for the labor market

Eh Hussain

Within the framework of the social responsibility assumed by Mondelez Egypt Foods For the communities in which you work, especially the youth category.. A number of new trainees have completed the theoretical and practical training program at the company.

This training is an effective way to provide the trainees with initial experiences by applying what they have learned in the practical environment, which gives the trainee the opportunity to deal with the various pressures that he may face in all departments of the company and be exposed to when engaging in the labor market.
It is also considered a powerful tool to help the student acquire new abilities and skills that he did not possess, to expand his concepts, modify his directions, and consolidate his ability to innovate, create, and renew

Mondelez Egypt Foods conducts this training annually in line with the state’s vision and the general plan for the year . , which works on the development and future empowerment of young people in the labor market and their involvement It is practically done early in order to be qualified to work and participate in the development of major international and local institutions in the state and the private sector. Mondelez Egypt Foods has the largest presence in the Arab region and the Middle East and is the center of talent.

This is considered The training that was completed in light of the necessities of social distancing is largely unique, as it has been meticulously organized, so that the theoretical aspect of training is remote – while giving the trainees all the means that enable them to communicate efficiently with the trainer, without prejudice to the training level.

And the other part of the trainees was actually working in factories, taking into account strict precautionary measures in accordance with the company’s policy to protect employees in The shadow of the Corona pandemic.

Hala Saeed said; Head of the Human Resources Administrators Team for the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan: “We strive with all our efforts to develop the capabilities of the young generations and prepare them for the labor market in order to succeed in their future steps; As part of the training for the trainees and giving the trainee the opportunity and time to understand the whole process system through introductory and qualifying sessions for all departments in the company.”
She continued, “This is to help them understand all the different jobs. At the end of the training, he will be able to present the final project, which was already done in the presence of the CEO to discuss it; Giving the trainees the opportunity to hear their opinions about the program and to listen to all suggestions to develop it in a way that suits them more and better.”

The training program is characterized by the multiple field visits that the company made available to the trainees, in order to get to know the working atmosphere inside the company’s factories directly and the progress of the production process in all its stages within the different production lines. They were also trained to acquire skills in several areas, especially business management, human resources, developing their abilities to communicate with others, and new technical skills in the areas of commercial marketing, management and quality control, and others, including It qualifies them later to link their studies with practical reality and to face the difficulties they may face in the future.
Hala Helmy says, 333 1 year, one of the Mondelez training program trainees: “I had the opportunity to participate in the Mondelez training program, I studied marketing and economics. I was trained in the management of government and external relations in the company, and I learned many skills such as how to work on social responsibility programs, development initiatives, adhere to working hours and complete the tasks that are required of me in the best way.”
She added, “It was a unique and enjoyable experience, and I would definitely recommend it to those who wish to train and work in an integrated environment such as the work environment we witnessed in Mondelez.”

The Mondelez Company confirms its continuation in its approach by establishing that important training for serious youth who wish – to train with it – on a continuous basis and without stopping or rest, in order to train The largest number of young people wishing for distinguished job opportunities in the Egyptian labor market. Assisting the youth of Egypt with the most prestigious training programs available to it.