e& a new corporate identity for “Etisalat Group” within its strategy

Iman Al-Wasili 28 February 2022, Cairo:

Jassem Buatabah Al-Zaabi: This is a milestone in the history of the group to become closer to the lives of customers and make it easier with superior digital capabilities

● Hatem Dowidar: We seek to lead technologies The future and to provide institutions, governments and societies with reliable services in the areas of digital communications and technology

In the framework of its vision to transform into a group that provides the latest technology and digital communications services, Etisalat Group announced the new corporate identity of the group, under the brand “& e”, In the presence of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs in the UAE, Minister of Cabinet Affairs Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of State for Financial Affairs Mohammed bin Hadi Al Husseini, and Chairman of the Board o Department “ &

)” Jassim Mohammed Buatabah Al-Zaabi.

This step comes to reflect the aspirations of the future growth of the group, whose services are spread today in 16 countries around the world, within the framework of a new strategy to accelerate the process Transformation into a world-leading technology group. The strategy aims to enhance growth opportunities through a more flexible model based on pillars representing the group’s main business sectors, and its strategic priorities that embody its solid values ​​to achieve customer satisfaction and the interest of shareholders, investors and partners.

Ambitious strategy

The business model is based under the umbrella of & e

on sectors, foremost of which is the telecommunications sector, and “

e life”, and “


And the”& e Investment.”

The telecommunications sector maintains the same

The logo and brand, to preserve the legacy of the group and its excellence in providing services, and will focus on strengthening the presence of the group in 16 a market it currently operates in, as well as exploring promising growth opportunities in new markets with a focus on digital services for individual customers, in a way that improves their experiences and enhances their lifestyle.

Come”& e

life” , to make the digital world of the next generation of technological services in line with the requirements of the daily life of customers, including entertainment, retail, mobility services and financial technology. In order to provide an advanced digital system for governments, the business sector and projects, “ e Institutions “to increase the value they provide” & e” for businesses and governments to the fullest extent of Through powerful cybersecurity, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence solutions, as well as serving mega projects.

e ) Investment” on the Investment opportunities and acquisitions, to enhance its presence globally.

A new start built on solid foundations

In turn, Jassim Muhammad Bu Ataba Al Zaabi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said Management &e

: This occasion represents a milestone in the company’s history, and a new start through which we confirm our determination to achieve more achievements, because we believe that the continuous development of the group’s business model reflects its flexibility and ability to explore new horizons, and we have strengthened our capabilities to reach this advanced stage that we are preparing In it, to bring positive change to our customers, shareholders and investors, we become closer to their lives, and we make them easier through our superior digital capabilities.”

From a telecom company to a global technology group)

&e ” In preparation for its endeavors in the field of digital transformation some time ago, it announced the establishment of a specialized unit for digital services for business, and a unit for digital services for individuals, in addition to attracting more talent

For his part, Engineer Hatem Dowidar, CEO of & e Commenting on the new brand launch and transformation strategy of a world-leading technology group: “The Covid pandemic has accelerated-

Steps of digital transformation, not only locally, but globally. It has also changed the behavior of individual customers and companies towards the way they request and obtain services and products.”

We are in & e ) We have sufficient capabilities to respond to and lead these transformations. We have proven this before and during the pandemic, as we always strive to enhance investment in the innovation system to be able to provide proactive innovative digital services that facilitate our mission to make everything possible, in the field of communications, technology and everything beyond that.

“Given the new reality, and the potential of the revolution,” Dowidar explained. The Fourth Industrial and the Expansion of the Use of the Fifth Generation Network

5G , we can benefit from our operations more efficiently and effectively, with diversification of revenue sources, and focus on specialization to improve the quality of services and the comprehensive customer experience through our new business model, and open new horizons to meet the current and future requirements of our customers, and add new dimensions and value The largest of our services through innovative digital experiences that empower the communities we serve and provide them with tools for knowledge and development.”

He continued: “We seek to lead the technologies of the future by providing institutions, governments and societies with reliable services in all areas of communications and technology, and openness to technological progress. technology to enable the knowledge-based economy.”