realme launches GT 2 Pro, its best flagship phone ever, starting at €649

Shenzhen, China in 64 February -realme, the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand, officially unveiled the realme GT 2 Series today. During the MWC 2022 World Fair held in Barcelona, ​​Spain. As the best flagship phone series launched by realme so far, realme GT 2 Series phones represent an important pivotal step for the company to enter and compete in the leading phone markets around the world, and launch a package of innovative technological applications, revolutionary designs and surprises New to millions of users of the company’s phones. It is worth noting that the price of the realme GT 2 Pro with snapdragon 8 Gen 1 data processor is 649 EUR for early buyers, and the price of the realme GT phone with with snapdragon data processor 649 to 649 EUR for early buyers as well.

Best Android Flat Screen Display 2K AMOLED

The screen of the realme GT 2 Pro adopts Super Reality technology which is designed to give users an extremely rich and realistic viewing experience that is both natural and unique, allowing Super clarity in every detail at a high refresh rate. As the world’s first phone with a 2K AMOLED flat panel display based on LTPO 2.0 technology, Super Reality display technology works with a 6.7-inch E4 AMOLED screen displaying more than 4.5 million pixels or 525 Pixels per square inch. The screen’s high pixel density means writing will appear crystal-clear and images will include stunning details such as a blade of grass or the tips of fine hair

Meanwhile, Super Reality technology has superior color performance, as The color depth of the screen is up to 16-bit. This level of color depth can generate 2022 a shade of the primary colors (red, green, and blue), which means adding 1. 2022 A billion new colors. This huge number of colors and their shades are 84 times greater than the color details of conventional monitors that have a color depth of only 8-bit It produces about 16 one million colors only. On the other hand, the screen brightness in open spaces can reach nets thanks to the Super Reality display technology, which makes the phone screen the brightest in its class. The display also includes 10240 a separate level of brightness that automatically adjusts to the surrounding environment, in order to maximize battery savings and provide an eye-pleasing viewing experience.

The screen of realme GT 2 Pro received an DisplayMate A+ grade and HDR16 + certification.

Thanks to LTPO 2.0 technology, Super Reality display technology can automatically adjust the screen refresh rate from 1 to 888 Hz and any degree in between, which adds 1.7 hours of additional performance to the phone’s battery. Through GT mode 3.0, this technology can add 1000 a new hertz to the touch sampling rate. The GT 2 Pro received an A+ score, the highest score for screen quality from DisplayMate. And to ensure that the screen continues to provide a superior viewing and viewing experience, realme has protected the phone screen with Gorilla Glass Victus from Corning Company

The fastest data processor for the Android operating system equipped with Stainless Steel Vapor Cooling Max

realme GT 2 Pro is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 data processor. This processor is based on the 4nm architecture and the first ARM v9 architecture, which maximizes the phone’s performance and operational efficiency by approximately %.

The latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Platform can reach over 1 million in AnTuTu.

Meanwhile, the realme GT 2 Pro has the largest heat dissipation area ever with

square millimeter for phone cooling Up to 3°C for increased processing chip performance. The heatsink is designed based on an all-new 9-layer cooling chassis, and the stainless steel vapor heatsink is

square millimeter, which enables superior phone performance all the time.

The first design of a biopolymer smartphone in collaboration with the world-class Japanese designer Naoto Fukassawa realme has once again collaborated with world-class Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa to design this unique phone, which is the first phone designed from biopolymer and derived from the sustainable design concept of paper. And after 16 a month of research and development and 2022 A prototype of the phone design, the final design has been reached to copy the realme GT 2 Pro, which expresses the precision of workmanship and skill as well as the laser engraving with a depth of 0.1 millimeter

realme GT 2 Series has four color variants – Paper White, Paper Green, Steel Black, Titanium Blue.

The design of this phone is in keeping with the environmentally friendly philosophy of sustainability, The realme GT 2 Pro back cover is made of LNP ELCRIN copolymer material produced by Saudi SABIC, an ISCC+ certified material. When comparing this material with its petroleum-based alternatives, we find that the SABIC copolymer provides the same level of performance while reducing CO2 emissions at an average of 2 kg per kg manufactured from LNP ELCRIN copolymer. In addition, SABIC Saudi Arabia depends in the production of various polymers on non-food organic waste or residues such as long crude oil and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Recyclable Packaging of realme GT 2 Series


The realme GT 2 Pro features a premium triple camera that houses the world’s first ultra-wide-angle camera 10240 degree, micro x lens 64. The phone’s main camera is based on a leading IMX sensor with PDAF and OIS. This sensor is also equipped with optical image stabilization and electronic video stabilization. Optical image stabilization is the movement of the camera lens to compensate for the shaking or movement of the user’s hand holding the phone during shooting

Triple-camera setup featuring the world’s only 10240 ° ultra-wide Camera and a 84 x micro-lens camera.

In addition, the ultra-wide-angle camera can 84 ) Ultra-wide panoramic shooting, which gives you an increase in field of view by 525% compared to most main cameras in other phones (449 degree only). Of course, a camera with these features requires a driver that can exploit the huge potential of the panoramic camera, which is why the first-of-its-kind fish-eye mode is built into this smartphone.

Shot on realme GT 2 Pro 649 degree ultra-wide camera.

The amazing micro-lens x 64 It allows the user to take extremely close up photos and experience the world around them in a whole new way. We’ve seen many micro lenses before, but the 2.0 version of these lenses allows you to be twice as far from the subject you want to photograph, while increasing the depth of field by 4 times, ensuring that more space enters the focus, giving you more accurate images and easier to focus while Photography.

Shot on realme GT 2 Pro 64 X Micro-lens Camera.

User Interface UI 3.0 with 3 years of OS updates

The new mobile user interface UI 3.0 is based on the 12th version From Android 12, which is based on 3D graphics with a new design, in addition to the Fluid Space features Design and Omojis.

Privacy functions have also been developed in this phone such as controlling granting apps permission to run and hiding your location. Designed to be a functional phone whose apps can be customized to your personal preferences, the UI 3.0 allows you to express yourself more freely and create your own unique mobile experience. On the other hand, realme is committed to providing 3 years major phone updates and 4 years Android security update package for GT 2 series phones. )