In a joint meeting of the Ministers of Trade, Industry and Environment, it was agreed to form a joint working group to coordinate the participation of the industry sector in the activities of the COP27 climate conference this year in Sharm El-Sheikh

Nevin Gamea: The conference represents a great opportunity to review Egypt’s industrial capabilities in the field of green industries that are environmentally friendly

Holding a mini version of our Heritage exhibition on the sidelines of the summit

Dr. Yasmine Fouad: The climate conference represents a real opportunity to create international partnerships and encourage the Egyptian industry During the current year and the role of the Egyptian private sector and industry in the activities of the summit, the meeting was attended by Major General / Mohamed Al-Zalat, President of the Industrial Development Authority, and Engineer Mohamed Abdel Karim, Executive Director of the Industrial Modernization Center, Dr. Walid Darwish, Advisor to the Minister of Trade and Industry for Environmental Policies, Mr. Hatem Al-Ashry, Advisor to the Minister for Institutional Communication, Dr. Ali Abu Sunna, CEO of the Environmental Affairs Agency, and Dr. Reem Abdel Meguid, Chairman of the Estidama Board of Trustees Quality of Life for Development and Development, and Eng. Menna Samir, Assistant Minister of Environment for Waste Affairs.

The minister said that the meeting reviewed a number of ideas related to the Egyptian industry’s participation in this important international event, especially the green and environmentally friendly industries, noting In this context, the Ministry is implementing a set of principles projects and projects related to reducing carbon emissions, expanding the use of clean energy in vehicles and using modern technologies in production, which include the implementation of an environmentally friendly technology transfer project in the Mediterranean region, a project to use solar heaters in industrial heating operations, a solar cell systems project, and a project to raise The efficiency of entrepreneurs in the field of green industries, in cooperation with various international bodies.

Jameh explained that the ministry had enjoyed a distinguished participation in the Egyptian pavilion in the activities of the Climate Conference in Glasgow COP By reviewing the success stories of Egyptian companies that have achieved success in the field of environmentally friendly products and technologies, which the Ministry seeks to highlight during Egypt’s hosting of the conference this year.

The Minister of Trade and Industry indicated that this The conference represents an excellent opportunity to find investment partnerships between investors from Egypt and African countries in the field of energy efficiency, clean and renewable energy uses and revolving economy projects, especially in light of Egypt’s current presidency of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). And her keenness to achieve industrial and economic integration in the continent of Africa and to enhance investment cooperation between the various COMESA member states. environment-friendly, as well as holding a mini-version of our Heritage exhibition to display environmentally friendly handicrafts and products during the summit activities. It represents an opportunity to show Egypt in a distinct way, through the exhibition held in the Green Zone, to include environmentally friendly technologies from the Egyptian industries. We can also invite the countries of the world through it to conclude international partnerships. To environmentally friendly industries through real success stories to encourage Egyptian industries and to show the world the extent of Egyptian capabilities and that we can create partnerships for cooperation with African countries, in addition to creating opportunities for the Egyptian private sector at the global level so that the conference will be a beacon for Egypt and the world in the world

Dr. Yasmine Fouad added that the conference will also include a number of side events outside the national segment to present partnerships so that this would be a real opportunity for the private sector, whether Egyptian or foreign, to be an executive conference that presents a true picture of environmental applications in The industrial sector The Blue Zone also presents a picture of the Egyptian private sector’s compatibility with the environment. The Industrial Pollution Control Project, which is interested in resource efficiency and emissions reduction, is currently preparing studies on projects for industries that have been able to reduce emissions to reduce the effects of climate change, and preparations will also be made to sign a new program on The sidelines of the climate conference to be a new opportunity for Egypt in many environmentally friendly projects.

The Minister of Environment referred to the work on the green and sustainable industry project that is being prepared to give opportunities to the private sector for environmental applications, and a global environmental competition will also be organized on changes climate between various business sectors, civil society, banks, entrepreneurs, government and research centers.

The Minister stressed that the climate conference will present a coherent picture A course for environmental work in front of the world, where it will present the importance of the environment and the necessity of compatibility with it to reduce the effects of climate change, as well as presenting modern technologies in this and methods of financing through the banking sector for environmentally friendly industries, as well as enhancing all this by organizing an international award to support environmental trends in various sectors.

During the meeting, the two ministers agreed to form a joint working group to coordinate the participation of the industry sector in the activities of the COP 30 conference this year in Sharm El Sheikh, as well as to follow up on the preparations for holding an exhibition Climate-friendly technologies and side events in the Zarqa region, as well as the follow-up to the green and sustainable industry project to be signed during the conference. For the first time, a center will also be prepared from recycled waste to include projects for youth and plastic artists who are friends of the environment, in cooperation with the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise Development Agency, to include environmentally friendly and heritage products.