In cooperation with the National Bank of Egypt “E-Finance” obtains the first license to service cash out at gas stations

Ahli Bank

Iman Al-Wasili


I-Finance for Financial and Digital Investments obtained a license to provide cashout service from the Central Bank, in cooperation with the National Bank of Egypt. The license aims to provide the cash exchange service from gas stations using the

pos which provides

Pension and salary disbursement service for all clients The banking system, and the service also allows the possibility of disbursing small cash denominations through a large number of gas stations in various governorates of Egypt .

So come Proceeding from the keenness of the National Bank of Egypt to support the state’s strategic plans towards heading to a society less dependent on cash by providing the cash-away service in various governorates, especially in the border governorates and Upper Egypt, due to the availability of liquidity at stations Fuel using points of sale as an alternative to ATM machines throughout the week and throughout the day and official holidays, as the focus is on governorates that are not covered sufficiently by ATMs ).

It is worth noting that

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The National Bank of Egypt has launched the cashout service since March 2021 as the first bank in Egypt

provides this unique service, as The number of machines that provide this service to more than 657 Machines at more than

600 Dealer at the level of different governorates

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It varies between gas stations and major “supermarket” chains.