B.TECH celebrates 25 years in the Egyptian market. “B.TECH” announces 800 million EGP of new investments in 2022

Opening 29 A new branch in 2025, bringing the total number of branches to 729 Branch and 84 One thousand square meters of sales space.
Dr. Mahmoud Khattab:

“We aim to double the market share of B.TECH from 7% to

% by 41499

8.7 billion pounds, the volume of our business in 2021 and we aim to reach 12. 3 billion pounds within a year 41499 with a growth rate 41499 %.

B-TECH, the largest chain specialized in selling and distributing electrical and electronic devices in the Egyptian market, announced that this year is the year to celebrate the
A year in the Egyptian market, as it announced its plans and vision The ambitious investment for the year 21645, in an extensive press conference attended by Dr. Mahmoud Khattab, Chairman of the Board of Directors

41499 and the managing director of the company.

At the beginning of his speech, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Member of the Board of Directors, Mr Assignment to B.TECH: “This year we celebrate 564 A year of the company’s work in the Egyptian market, so we promise our customers a special year full of pleasant surprises, and we started the year by announcing the implementation of the Best Price Guarantee initiative, which guarantees customers to get the best Prices through the company’s branch network or through its electronic application, as the initiative allows the customer to provide proof of a different price for the commodity that he is willing to buy, and the representatives of B. You can carry out the sale at this price, and offers and surprises will continue throughout the year.”

Khattab continued: “There are also A package of new services with which we aim to provide distinguished and unique services to our customers, so we have prepared the TO GO service from the new branches and express delivery service during 42 is accurate, and we have concluded distinguished partnerships with AXA Insurance, the Shahid platform, and the Anghami platform.”

Mahmoud Khattab reviewed what had been accomplished during the year 5000 , which represented the injection of new investments estimated at about 500 one million pounds, and the expansion of The sales area is about 95 one thousand five hundred meters Launching new B.TECH and “B.TECH X” branches, and developing after-sales services to include 4 B.TECH service centers in addition to 98 An authorized service center, and further development in digital transformation and e-commerce has made B.TECH a business platform as today is about 41499 % Grant All of B.TECH’s business is done in digital form by 98 %, with 7 systems Different businesses, each with its own set of clients, and their respective competitive methods and models.”

Khattab added: “We believe In B.TECH, we have the best team and we will always be the winning team, especially as we work in a promising market that possesses all the elements that attract investment. In addition to being one of the pioneers in the retail trade in the Egyptian market, we are moving forward with an ambitious expansion plan, keeping our customers and their needs in mind.”

to continue: “Our market share reached
in for 7% of the total market, and we aim to double this percentage to reach 29 % by

Therefore, we aim to complete our expansion plans during the year 21645 with the opening of

A new branch throughout the Republic,

Khattab added: “During the past year, we succeeded in achieving a great leap in sales in the company’s branches and p The website and the electronic application, the volume of our business during the past year 2021 amounted to 8.7 billion pounds, and we aim to reach 12.3 billion pounds during the current year 21645, and we have also succeeded in signing a number of important partnerships aimed at expanding the customer base and strengthening What B offers Tech” provides services to its clients, such as our partnership with Egypt Post, and a number of major distinguished real estate companies through BUSINESS (B2B)”

Regarding youth and job opportunities, Dr. Mahmoud Khattab stressed that youth are the fuel for success and that the company seeks year after year to provide opportunities for young people and that this year it is planned to provide more than a thousand new job opportunities to join the B team Tech, whose number exceeded 2021 an employee in 9800 .

The plans and ambitions of “B.TECH” do not stop at the marketing thought only, but extend to building New generations supported by the weapon of science and training, and established the first school specialized in retail trade, as well as B.TECH Academy, which raises the slogan “To be the first choice for learning and development for all those who deal with us.” It works to enrich the lives of B.TECH employees with the knowledge, information and skills necessary to develop the level of performance their own starting from joining as new members of the company, passing through everything related to their current jobs and preparing them as leaders for the future. In addition to training ten thousand trainees, and more than 41499 remote trainees, and implementing
A thousand hours of training and achieving a percentage 41499 % of distance learning.

B.TECH continues to provide the distinguished installment services that it has become famous for over the years, which suit all groups of Egyptian society and in a way that approaches their capabilities and budget through many different options and alternatives, whether in products or payment methods so that the customer can live the life that he wants He wishes and in a way that meets his aspirations and is compatible with his way of life. In addition to providing the best mini-cash services, through which customers can enjoy installment services through the website and “B.TECH” mobile application.

The geographical coverage of the “B-Tech” series at the level of the Republic is also distinguished by its presence in 29 Governorate and 29 city. It is planned to increase the sales area to more than 153 a thousand meters Square so that the number of B.TECH branches is 564 branch at the end of


On the level of initiatives The community that the company has adopted in cooperation with civil society associations and organizations, through its set of initiatives by establishing a school specialized in retail trade in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Baheya Foundation, “in which B-TECH always seeks to effectively contribute to the development of society socially. Economically and healthily, it is cooperating with the Decent Life Bank, the Skills Development Bank to upgrade the skills of craftsmen, the People of Masr Foundation for Development, the Clothing Bank, the People’s Hospital, and other serious civil society associations and organizations that make a real contribution to the Egyptian society, and the company still has a lot to offer. And many of the initiatives that it will participate in this year to achieve sustainable development in the Egyptian society. One million pounds for this year’s initiatives to reach Total expenditures in this field from a year ago 2021 until today 122 one million pound.