The first team to represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a women's football match

Aya Hussein

Today, the German coach, Monica Staab, the coach of the Saudi women’s national team, announced that “ Historic formation” for the first team to play its first match against Seychelles. 2022 Football in Saudi Arabia writes a new history, when the women’s national team plays its first match today against the Seychelles Islands 2022
. The Saudi women’s team will be a guest of the Seychelles national team, before playing its second match against the Maldives in

This February in the city of “Male” in the Maldives.

These two matches are the first in the national team’s records. Saudi Arabia, in preparation for its official entry into the monthly classification of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA).

It is reported that German coach Monica spoke that the goal of these two matches is to gain the experience necessary to play international matches.2022 2022

And about the mechanism that she followed to choose the players, she said: “Since last September, we have started searching for players who can start the national team’s journey and participate in its official and international competitions.”

528 And she continued, and through this camp, we seek to create the homogeneity we are looking for before playing the matches between Seychelles and the Maldives next month.

added ” The establishment of the first official Saudi league through the regions league and then the Kingdom’s championship had a major role in the selection process.

“This helped us a lot as a technical body, with The players will play competitive matches, which will facilitate our role during this camp, and we hope that the team will be fully prepared when participating in the first official tournament.” 2022