Tenth of Ramadan investors are preparing the largest industrial trade fair to serve the consumer next Ramadan

Tenth of Ramadan Investors Association has started to prepare for the largest industrial trade fair In the industrial cities, where the exhibition is scheduled to open on April 4th until 64 April, in the presence of a number of ministers and the participation of a large number of factories in the Tenth of Ramadan City.
The Investors Association revealed that this exhibition is considered the first and largest industrial and commercial exhibition in the Tenth of Ramadan City and a direct window for the city’s factories, as it includes most of the factories and producers of the Tenth of Ramadan City, in all products of interest to the Egyptian family, especially The needs of the month of Ramadan.

The exhibition of the products of the Tenth of Ramadan Investors Association is located at the entrance to the Industrial City on the Cairo-Ismaila Desert Road It is directly supervised by a committee of members of the association’s board of directors headed by Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aal, Professor Hassan El-Fendi and Engineer Zakaria Abdel A. Laziz, in addition to Dr. Sarah El-Fendi, Mohamed El-Banna, Ahmed Selim and Dr. Hala Salah El-Din, General Manager of the Association. and addressing an exhibition of products The tenth of Ramadan is for all categories of customers, in addition to focusing on the middle and upper category, with the preparation of an additional external space of three thousand meters. The presence of a program for Ramadan nights, and specific places for food and beverages.

The exhibition aims to create a display environment and opportunities for bilateral meetings for manufacturers, as well as About providing sales opportunities to the final consumer, and providing a good and decent entertainment and shopping area for the public of the Tenth of Ramadan City and neighboring cities, in addition to providing opportunities for international cooperation by inviting a group of guests from outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.