Noon opens its newest and largest warehouse in Saudi Arabia to develop its operations and logistics services

Aya Hussein Noon, the leading digital e-commerce platform in the Middle East, has opened the largest Its warehouses in terms of area are in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and this achievement comes as part of its expansion and development of its operational operations and logistics network in the Kingdom. The new warehouse, which has an area of ​​more than .000 square meters in developing and accelerating the delivery of products to millions of customers around The kingdom. The Noon network for logistics and warehousing services in the Kingdom is more than 430, square meters, including storage warehouses, distribution stations, and main and subsidiary logistics centers. On his part, Ahmed Kaddouri, General Manager of Noon in Saudi Arabia, comments: “Noon is committed to developing digital businesses and systems that contribute to maximizing the impact. economy and building a competitive investment environment throughout the Kingdom, while creating more job opportunities for local talent.” He adds, “Noon’s logistics and operational network is an important hub in accelerating the efficiency and supporting the ever-evolving customer experience.” ) This expansion confirms Noon’s commitment to strengthening the local economy by creating new job opportunities, in addition to contributing to achieving the goals of 2030 vision for digital transformation, by developing a world-class digital infrastructure, providing advanced services to its vendor partners, and ensuring easy and smooth delivery. and continue n In developing delivery operations and services throughout the Kingdom, which creates possibilities for local talents and competencies to flourish and join the leading Saudi company in the retail and e-commerce sector.