“Sawt Masr Dialogues – Changing Reality” discusses the role of the private sector in major national projects

Ashraf Tawfiq

• Ibrahim Sarhan: We succeeded in converting government services and payments to digital and listing on the stock exchange Attracting foreign investments

• Ahmed Muharram: We aim to localize the industry Petrochemicals and Egypt’s Transformation into a Regional and Global Energy Center

Cairo xxxxx 2022

The Voice of Egypt Summit presented a special episode of “Voice of Egypt – Changing Reality” dialogues under the title “Private Sector and National Projects” In it, the companies’ contribution to national projects was discussed and a number of the most important of these projects were proposed that would increase Egyptian exports and attract foreign investments in light of Egypt’s stimulating economic climate, reforms and promising investment facilitation, through its dialogue with Ibrahim Sarhan. Chairman and Managing Director of the “e-finance” group for financial and digital investments, and Dr. Ahmed Muharram, CEO of Muharram-Bakhum Group and President of Anchorage Investments.

Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairman and Managing Director of the Group of Companies, said: e-finance for financial and digital investments, that the company succeeded in cooperation with the government and the Ministry of Finance in Converting all government services and payments to digital in accordance with the state’s plan for digital transformation.

“Sarhan” added: “When i-finance started offering its shares on the stock exchange, the companies were covered by 7 times, which led to the expansion of Ownership of the company and an increase in the number of participating investment funds, which achieved a significant increase in foreign investments, which is what the government aims to attract more foreign direct investments. In investments in the “health, tourism, and transportation” sectors over the past two years and will continue its journey over the next two years, i-Finance has partnered with the General Authority for Health Insurance to work on developing, managing and operating technological and digital services for the health insurance sector at the level of the Republic, and in Tourism sector: Two projects have been carried out for antiquities and museums, where we have activated the digital transformation project for museums and archaeological sites services in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

He noted that “i-Finance” contributed to the establishment of electronic platforms for electronic commerce and for managing smart cards, as well as the completion of the digital financial network of the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the launch of Al Falah Card” in cooperation with the Central Bank and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Chairman and Managing Director of i-finance pointed out that the contribution with the Egyptian government in major national projects supports i-finance investment center and makes it capable On the transfer of the success of its projects in Egypt to African countries and the world.

For his part, Ahmed Moharram, Executive Director of Moharram-Bakhum Group and President of Anchorage Investments Company, confirmed that the major national projects in Egypt amounted to thousands of projects at a cost of trillions of pounds, including that. It has a positive impact on the national economy.

Ahmed Moharram added that Moharram Bakhoum Company is proud of its contribution to a large number of these major national projects, which are based on Moharram Bakhoum’s experience for more than 70 years in the Egyptian market. Which highlights the development of infrastructure in Egypt, including projects “roads, airports, bridges such as The Rod El-Farag axis is the first giant bridge project to be implemented and designed by purely Egyptian hands, tunnels, subway “Line 1, 2, 3, and 4”, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the Administrative Capital Cathedral, Assiut Aqueduct and Najah Hamadi Kouiri Aqueduct, October Airport Cairo International and other projects that have direct and indirect returns.

And “Moharram” pointed out that “Anchorage Investments” is based on the experience of Muharram-Bakhom as one of the best consulting companies in the region, through the development of an industrial complex Integrated for the production of petrochemical derivatives, in the industrial zone of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, Ain Sukhna. The project contains a number of industrial units for the production of basic olefin, its polyolefin and some other specialized chemicals. The project aims to increase Egypt’s exports of petrochemical derivatives and to make Egypt a regional and global center for energy and petrochemicals. Increasing foreign direct investments and providing many job opportunities.

Ahmed Moharram explained that one of the most important features that distinguishes the economic zone of the Suez Canal is the principle of one-stop shop The establishment of companies and licenses and the facilitation of all procedures for the relevant ministries. The investor also benefits through the presence of his project within the region, which gives him the presence near the most important global shipping lane and many ready-made ports, allowing access to regional and global markets, within the framework of the incentives provided by Egypt.

This episode comes from the Narrative Summit- Reshaping Norms dialogues for the year

, within the framework of the dialogues hosted by the “Voice of Egypt” summit on Its social media platforms to discuss experts, specialists and heads of companies in various issues, after the great success of the dialogues during the past two years.