Square Seven contracts with Vista to manage hotel units to maximize the investment return for its customers

Ashraf Tawfiq

Ali Abdel Ghaffar: Our relationship with our clients is extended and we plan to expand the real estate export file in the coming period

Miranda Gerges: Cooperation between Square Seven and “Square Seven” Vista achieves investment advantages for both parties

Haitham Fares: Vista plans regional expansion based on work in Egypt

Square Seven Company signed a cooperation agreement with Vista Unit Management Hotel owned by customers, in order to ensure the achievement of continuous returns to customers from these units throughout the year.

Ali Abdel Ghaffar, CEO and founder of Square Seven, said that his company markets the units to customers inside and outside Egypt, and seeks to maximize revenues Its customers of these units by leasing them during the period they are not using them, which prompted them to contract with one of the most prominent companies specialized in managing and renting hotel units, which is Vista Company.

He explained that the total number of units that work begins on It is 54 a unit that Vista leases to clients and manages it as a hotel, which contributes to maximizing the return from the unit, as well as contributing to the real estate export file, which is a priority for the state at present. Affas with Egyptian real estate abroad.

He pointed out that these units are located in various areas in the Red Sea, Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo and the North Coast, where Square Seven is a partner of its customers and its role does not end with the marketing of the unit, but it also By maintaining the client’s investments in it and maximizing returns from it, stressing that the company plans to expand the number of hotel-managed units through Vista. Seven, that the cooperation between Square Seven and Vista brings advantages to both parties, as Square Seven provides more comprehensive services to its customers and increases the revenues of their units, and Vista benefits from Square Seven’s clients and projects, as well as its presence outside Egypt through The company’s branch in Canada.

She added that the company benefits from its customer base through its office in Toronto, Canada, which it recently opened, in order to manage their units that they buy in Egypt, which ensures that the customer exploits the unit during a certain period in year, and throughout the year is administered

Haitham Fares, CEO and founder of Vista, said that the company was established in 2019, and seeks to increase the portfolio of units that it manages for its clients, to be a nucleus for regional expansion. For the company during the next two years, as the company seeks to provide all the elements of comfort and luxury to its customers with the same level of hospitality available in the five-star hotel, pointing out that the hotel units have become a strong demand from customers because they have a continuous investment return.

He added Vista is one of the leading companies in the field of renting and managing hotel units for its clients, as it seeks to help real estate owners to have a stable source of income for them. The company manages units in El Gouna, Soma Bay, Sahl Hasheesh and Cairo currently, pointing out that the cooperation with Square Seven Supports the company’s expansion plan.