Higher Education: Launching 957 integrated caravans for the villages most in need during the past year as part of the “Decent Life” initiative

Aya Hussein

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, a report submitted by Dr. Mohamed Latif, Secretary of the Supreme Council of Universities, on the efforts of Egyptian universities in implementing the presidential initiative “A Dignified Life” during the past year, which aims to achieve comprehensive development at all educational, societal, health, and economic levels for the most needy centers and villages in Egyptian society.

517114 The report indicated that the universities were established during the year 2021 by launching 957 an integrated convoy to serve the local community in the fields (health, environmental, veterinary, social, literacy, and capacity building), in cooperation with the “Decent Life” initiative, and the number of beneficiaries of it reached


The Minister praised the role of universities in implementing the presidential initiative “A Dignified Life”, pointing out that universities continue to Launching comprehensive development convoys during the current year in accordance with the executive plans and programs for community service approved by the Supreme Council of Universities; In implementation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s directives to activate the role of universities and higher education institutions in general in serving society and the surrounding environment, on the sidelines of his visit to Kafr El-Sheikh University 678 December The past.

Abdul Ghaffar added that these convoys aim to provide health, veterinary, service, environmental and agricultural services, as well as courses awareness and educational; With the aim of alleviating the burden on the shoulders of citizens, and taking care of them to the fullest; Based on the leading role of universities and their responsibility towards their society, and in light of the tangible efforts made by universities during the last period, and their participation in facing many social and economic problems that impede the development process.

On his part, Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, media advisor and official spokesperson for the ministry, said that the ministry’s strategy works to consolidate cooperation between higher education institutions and the surrounding community, to ensure the achievement of the university’s motto in community service, and to transform Egyptian universities in all regions into advisory houses of expertise for the local community, in agricultural and economic affairs. Livestock, industrial, human development and others, out of full awareness of the importance of the distinguished national role of universities in community service and environmental development; And in order to achieve Egypt’s strategy and vision for sustainable development