The 1st Musical Arts Festival brings down the curtain on the dream with a beautiful melody

Iman Al-Wasili Oman- 2022

The Musical Arts Association held its first festival of musical arts, titled “Night of a Dream”, and it continued for three days in the garden of the National Museum and was held in the open space.

The activities of the festival, which was launched under the auspices of the Minister of Culture Haifa Al-Najjar, began with the screening of a film titled “The Touch of Hanan,” and shed light on the association that was founded in the year 2022, and the preparations for the festival. It also included a screening of a film about the late pioneers in the field of music and singing.

In the ceremony directed by the artist Firas Al-Masri and moderated by Samar Gharaibeh, Al-Najjar praised the idea of ​​the festival and its diversity, which reflects the richness that Jordanian society possesses in its arts between Rababa, Yergul, Duduk and Sesame. And …., which is the diversity that gives the song a set of colors and melodic patterns in which traditional music is mixed with Armenian and Circassian with all that carries the Music from titles for joy.

Minister Al-Najjar, who began her tour by listening to a number of paragraphs scattered in the garden, indicated that music does not represent food for the soul, but rather is the criterion for the advancement of civilization and the advancement of peoples, and that this festival expresses this situation, pointing out that The festival represents the true partnership between the official institution and cultural bodies.

In addition, the president of the association, the artist Rami Shafiq, presented at the festival, which was attended by a large number of the local community audience, a lyrical link from the Jordanian and Arab heritage, to continue on the second day, a group of paragraphs presented by a group Among the artists and bands participating, including: Ola Shaheen, Khaled Tawfiq and his band, Tariq Al-Jundi, Muhammad Alyan and his band, and the Golden Band, to conclude the activities of the third and last day, with the participation of the artist Musa Faza, who varied between the foreign song and the yerozian anthology, and the duo Natalie and Rita presented a group of foreign songs

And as the festival began with the enthusiasm of the organizers and the attendance ofA large number of artists and audiences. On its closing day, it maintained its vitality and diversity, which attracted a new audience for the first music festival, which achieved success, beginning to share the audience and the joy in which it interacted with its various paragraphs. 2022

The head of the festival’s Supreme Committee, Reem Badran, expressed her happiness at the success that It was achieved by the association and the festival, in terms of quality and quantity, a large number of bands participated in various types of Arab musical instruments

She said that the festival revealed the creativity of Jordanian artists and artists in a way that reflects the diversity and richness of Jordanian creativity, adding that the aim of the festival is to raise the community’s taste and popularize musical culture. And she stopped at the festival’s kind gesture in honoring a number of pioneering artists and initiators who accumulated music work in Jordan, expressing her wishes that the festival in the coming years will be more extensive in programs and venue. 2022

As for the festival’s president, the artist Ramy Shafik, he indicated that the festival distinguish With the diversity of the form and content of the participating musical instruments that represent the Jordanian society

He revealed that the next festival will be more extensive, and its title will be “international,” noting that the festival will host Tunisian artist Lotfi Bushnaq and Egyptian artist Mohamed Mounir, and Turkish music that is characterized by the diversity of its instruments and the depth of its history. And its proximity to the Arab taste. As for the place, he indicated that it will be held in a number of places, including parks, downtown, and a number of ancient cities..

Regarding the festival’s most prominent features, Shafik referred to the community attendance, artists, intellectuals and associations concerned with people with special needs, and that the festival confirmed the existence of energies A great Jordanian artist, and the festival aimed to focus the spotlight on them, expressing appreciation to the Ministry of Culture and the private sector, and to the local and Arab media, which he described as “a partner in our cultural project.”