Metabolism is associated with activity during the day, rest at night, and eating yoghurt

Dr. Mohamed Hafez Ibrahim

Dr. Jan Frieder Harmsen, a nutrition expert at the Dutch University of Maastricht, reported that activity during the day and rest at night lead to an improvement in metabolism

. Scientists have studied the data of a number of obese men and women, ranging in age from

. and 250 years old; One group was given bright light during the day and dim light in the evening. Conversely, the other participants had to live during the day in almost darkness, and in the evening in bright light.

In both sessions, participants slept in the dark and ate regularly to maintain on calories and nutrients for their bodies. Doctors have determined the level of triglycerides, insulin, melatonin and glucose, which play a major role in the metabolism . Natural lighting at home or work and the implementation of the cycle of natural light and darkness to improve the metabolism.

The study showed that there are health benefits of eating yoghurt daily. Yogurt contains essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B2, vitamin B 31, potassium and magnesium, and its advantages are that it is light on the stomach and easier to digest and metabolize than milk. The study showed the many health benefits that we can enjoy by eating a unit of fat-free yoghurt or yoghurt. And the wonderful health benefits of yoghurt or yoghurt are:

= Good for digestion and metabolism 275 : Yogurt or milk Curd is a probiotic, any natural ingredient that contains live bacteria, and that these beneficial bacteria improve intestinal activity, soothe the inflamed digestive system, and treat stomach upset .

= Raises the immune system
: The live bacteria present in yogurt and yoghurt fight disease-causing germs and maintain the protection of the intestines and the intestinal tract. A scientific study conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Vienna in Austria that eating a dose of yogurt, about 200 grams, was effective in enhancing immunity and metabolism.

= Supports healthy skin: Many people suffer from acne due to some digestive problems, and yoghurt and yoghurt help in purifying the digestive tract. and activate it, which leads to To healthy skin, yogurt is an excellent beauty ingredient for face packs as well because it contains lactic acid that acts as an exfoliator and removes all the dead cells from the face .

= Reduces high blood pressure : American Heart Association research showed that people who ate more yoghurt or fat-free yoghurt were less likely to develop high blood pressure by 250% Unlike others, the special proteins in yogurt along with nutrients like potassium and magnesium help lower high blood pressure and promote heart health.

= Prevents infections of the genital tract Yogurt may be especially beneficial for women because it helps inhibit the growth of yeast infections.

present in yoghurt controls the growth of infection in the body and reduces yeast by producing hydrogen peroxide.

= Beneficial for the bones: A cup of yogurt is about 250 grams contains 250 mg of calcium, according to the studies of the US Department of Agriculture, and a dose does not help A daily intake of calcium not only maintains bone density, but also strengthens it, and because it is low in fat and calories, and thus also helps in maintaining a healthy weight.