Acino launches initiative to reduce cardiovascular disease patients in the UAE

Asino, the leading provider of high-quality pharmaceutical products and services in the region, has launched a series of Activities Digital across the UAE with the aim of raising awareness of cardiovascular diseases, and this initiative is part of the company’s efforts and firm commitment to ensuring access to high-quality medicines, where the company brings together a group of senior experts and specialists to share knowledge Best practices and provision of customized treatment options to patients in the country.

The “Cardiovascular Digital Series” consists of four sessions presented by several experts, including Hani Sabbour, Consultant Cardiologist at the Heart and Vascular Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, and Assistant in Cardiology at Brown University in the United States. American Heart Association, Dr. Wael Al Mahmeed / Consultant Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, member of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Cardiology Society, and other elite experts. The digital sessions were attended by more than 1000 specialists in the healthcare sector, and several topics were discussed such as the issue of the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in the United Arab Emirates, and the challenges and burdens faced by healthcare systems .

In this regard, Dr. Andrew Bird, Director General and Head of the Sharq Region, said Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Acino: “Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death globally.” He added, “The Digital Cardiovascular Series” embodies Acino’s ongoing efforts to bring together the country’s leading specialists to discover new methods of prevention and treatment to ensure a healthier life in our communities. We will continue our unwavering commitment to making quality medicines available at affordable prices in the UAE and support the country’s healthcare sector vision to focus on preventative medicine, reduce cardiovascular disease, and improve and extend people’s lives.”

It is worth noting that the “Digital Series of Cardiovascular Diseases” is part of the efforts of the company Acino in the region started in July of last year, when Acino entered into a

partnership A strategy with the UAE-based Pharmax Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company, and the agreement between the two companies included the areas of licensing, manufacturing and supplying For select Acino products across the Middle East and Africa region. As a result of this agreement, the company recently launched the first locally made drug during the “Cardiovascular Summit” held at the Swiss Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo 2020, where an anti-cholesterol drug was manufactured for the prevention of of cardiovascular diseases and their treatment.