“GIG Insurance – Egypt” distributes blankets to more than 150 families in the earthquake dwellings in the Ain Helwan area

عمرو أبوسيف من جى أى جى مع فريق التوزيع

Amr Abu Seif from GIG with a team Distribution

Iman Al-Wasili


In light of the directives of the senior management of “GIG Insurance – Egypt” stemming from its belief in the concept of social solidarity, and in implementation of its policy that is compatible with the goals of sustainable development, and in order to achieve a noble and noble goal of not It is “Life Without Poverty.” The company sent a convoy that included a team of volunteer employees from its various departments to distribute blankets to the residents of earthquake dwellings in the Ain Shams area, in coordination and cooperation with the Egypt Association for Culture and Community Development through the Association’s branch there, where blankets were distributed to: More than 150 a family of families The most needy in an atmosphere of joy and happiness that covered everyone’s faces.2022


The officials of the Egyptian Association for Culture and Community Development expressed their appreciation to the “GIG Insurance – Egypt” company headed by Alaa Al-Zuhairi regarding This initiative, which pleased the hearts of many families, while the company’s officials emphasized that this initiative comes as an embodiment of the company’s social responsibility, and the spirit of solidarity among the people of the one nation, and that this initiative is among many initiatives that include various segments of society that the company has undertaken, and will continue to do in the future, within the framework of A plan developed aimed at the advancement and advancement of society in support of the state’s development efforts.