saib bank launches WhatsApp for business

Fathi Al-Sayeh and Iman Al-Wasili Cairo on March 2 2020- Saib Bank, one of the most prominent banks operating in the banking sector, announced the launch of the (WhatsApp for business) service to respond to customer inquiries throughout the day, and the new service comes in line with the bank’s ambitious plan to develop electronic channels and the general trend towards accelerating the pace of digital transformation of the banking sector By creating unconventional means of communicating with different customer segments along with traditional means.

Mr./ Amr Nassir, Head of Retail Banking Group, said, “We are keen to achieve the digital transformation strategy, as we believe in the importance of technological development and its effective role in improving efficiency and developing performance. He added that the increasing trend towards digital transformation and the acceleration of digital innovations and financial technology in the financial sector represents a new challenge for banks, which We have to follow you With this development, (WhatsApp for business) service is a step towards moving forward in digital transformation, as it enables customers to conduct an interactive dialogue at all times without waiting and contributes to diversifying the ways of communicating with customers, as it is characterized by simplicity, ease and security.

We at Saib Bank always strive to support digital transformation efforts by providing innovative electronic solutions to facilitate customers in line with their needs, which contributes more in providing banking and financial services in an easy and advanced manner.

On his part, Mr. Mohamed Ali, Director of the Services Department, explained Digital, innovation and financial inclusion “The new service is expected to witness increasing demand due to the desire of various customer segments for quick mechanisms to respond to their bank inquiries accurately, with the ability to keep responses to these inquiries for later reference. The service also provides an interactive dialogue with the customer service staff of the telephone service center in the event that the customer desires to do so, which saves the customer’s time and provides him with a greater opportunity to complete all his inquiries about banking services that he communicates with the bank regarding”

It is worth noting the contribution of the Corona pandemic to the increase in the number of subscribers to the bank’s electronic services, as the total number of subscribers to the banking internet and mobile banking services recorded an increase of 2020 % at the end of

  • compared to a year ago 2020 and registered saib wallets 230,000 End portfolio
  • compared to 7,

    Portfolio at the end of 2020. This, and the bank doubled the number of ATMs from 95 a machine in 2020 to me 95 Currently, there is a plan to reach 151 a machine by the end of


    Special services provided by

  • WhatsApp For Business
  • includes answering inquiries next :

    • Determining the locations of the surrounding branches and ATMs and the working hours of each branch

    • Inquiries about different types of financing, such as car financing, personal financing for employees, business owners, free professions, real estate financing programs, and knowledge of the characteristics of each financing and documents Required
    • Inquiries about electronic banking services such as Internet banking and a saib wallet or direct talk with a customer service representative 16668
    • Special inquiries about all certificates and deposits.
    • Inquiries about the different types of accounts such as the savings account in dollars and the Egyptian pound and the gold account and other accounts
    • Inquiries about discounts and offers on credit and direct debit cards
    • Bank customers can obtain a service ( WhatsApp for business) at (+1080)

      or through the QR Code.