The launch of Z-Advisor company to manage businesses in various commercial and economic sectors

Ashraf Tawfiq

announced “Islam El-Baz” Executive Vice President of Z-Advisor about the start of the company’s business in the Egyptian market, and that its brand was launched from this year

as an economic institution that provides all integrated and innovative solutions with a new thought and a different vision for the economic sector And commercial activities in Egypt, especially the real estate sector, including the provision of all financial, marketing, technical and engineering studies, targeting sales of 2 billion pounds during the current year. The road map for investors and businessmen before and after the launch of their new projects, and this comes by exploiting the available opportunities and providing various types of support to their companies in economic or commercial terms, and supporting them from the first moment in establishing their own entity, through three main arms of the company:

• Z-Advisor Investments

• Z-Advisor Consultations
• Z-Advisor Advertising

Al-Baz indicated that all three arms of the company will cooperate. To provide a set of integrated and advanced solutions that the investor needs, starting from the study of the idea and planning, to the implementation and completion of the project phases. These arms provide an integrated set of services to their clients, whether developers, investors or those wishing to invest, through three directions represented in:

– investments in various directions, whether real estate, commercial, industrial and other various fields

– economic, technical and specialized consultations in many fields.

– Marketing and promotional services, advertising, public relations, event management and marketing activities of all kinds. Commercial, industrial and real estate of all kinds (residential – coastal – investment) with a focus on modern development areas such as (the administrative capital – the city of the worlds – the city of majesty and the various new urban communities). For you by nominating selected real estate investment opportunities that match the market requirements.

He added that the tasks of the second arm, Z-Advisor Consultations, are to provide integrated assistance, advisory and technical services to help investors understand the nature of the market and investment opportunities. Available to them and providing integrated solutions to them to help investors of all types and size of their businesses conduct market studies, as well as research investment opportunities and also provide services for establishing companies and launching them to the market with a focus on the various success factors for various economic, investment and commercial fields.

And the company’s belief in the importance of industry and that it is the main thrust to push the wheel of development and achieve sustainable development, “Al-Baz” explained that the company will be one of the leading companies in providing an integrated package of support services in industrial activity by making agreements with companies Industrial development to create investment opportunities for various activities, and the beginning will be with small and medium industries, leading to giant industrial companies, through integrated industrial studies to nominate the best industrial areas in It is not commensurate with the type of industrial activity required, whether in terms of logistics services and technical and technical support.

This is in addition to the third arm, Z-Advisor Advertising, which specializes in all different advertising services, whether marketing, promotional, advertising and advertising. Public relations, event management, marketing activities, media and promotional campaigns of all kinds, including organizing exhibitions and conferences, to be one of the distinguished companies in providing high-quality and advanced technologies to the Egyptian market, appearing for the first time through the company.

Al-Baz emphasized However, Z-Advisor Company has included a selected elite in every activity, and they are among the strong cadres and have long and professional experiences in all the various economic, investment, technical and financial sectors so that it can actually implement these consultations on the ground.

Al-Baz indicated that “knowledge” is the secret and the key to success, and this is the main pillar of the Z-Advisor company’s thought and strategy, which it was launched with, reflecting the meaning and value of the name and the quality of services provided to its clients so that the correct and documented “information” is booster The main basis for the uniqueness and uniqueness of the real and different value provided by the company to its customers.