OPPO launches Find X5 series and Enco X2 headphones

Aya Hussain

announced OPPO today announced the launch of its flagship and revolutionary phone series Find X5, which raises the standards for mobile imaging and design by a degree Exceptional.

NEW PHONE SERIES Find X5 comes with many industry-leading features, The new phone boasts futuristic design aesthetics that embody a modern, attractive and upscale look, as well as world-class imaging experiences. These features include a dedicated neural processing unit for imaging, which bypasses the biggest hurdle facing smartphone video shooting, which is night photography. This is matched by the unparalleled pioneering dual-camera system IMX766, Unprecedented Performance and Ultra-fast Connectivity 5GG, along with amazing fast charging technology SUPERVOOC

William Liu, Head of Global Marketing at OPPO: “Navigate String Find X5 Find X series to a whole new level of awesomeness Aesthetically and in terms of capabilities, it redefines the mobile experience through design, photography, technology and battery performance. The new series comes as a development of the fundamental basis that made the series Find X3 a huge success among customers and critics Together.”

Super Night Video 4 K and enchanting photography

Night video is a huge challenge for smartphones, so there are endless wonderful moments that remain uninterrupted. Recorded, or saved in low quality. That is why OPPO designed a dedicated neuro-programming unit for imaging, MariSilicon X, to reveal the details of the night.

Module MariSilicon X Process-based 6nm Created to deliver the highest levels of imaging performance, not just

MariSilicon X incorporates the most powerful AI computing available today, but also powers the advanced AI noise reduction algorithm AINR) Designed by Research Institute

OPPO , this means that it can detect and reduce noise in every shot, every pixel by itself, while preserving the most accurate details, skin tone and color accuracy.

The result is a four times improvement in night video quality, fewer grains, and superior color reproduction, making for the ultimate nighttime video. 4K enabled for the first time on an Android smartphone, with every shot as crystal clear as still images (*.

Of course, unit MariSilicon X from OPPO is one of the The main components of the advanced imaging system Find X5 Pro. The Wide and Ultra Wide cameras feature leading edge Sony sensors IMX525 50 Megapixel, with a sensor size of 1/1.56 inch, and a large pixel size of 2 µm, after incorporation.

The wide-angle camera also includes a OIS ) The first of its kind 5-axis, which, when combined with customization algorithms, improves with each use for anti-shake, noise reduction, and sharper scenes. The result? Better footage and more still video than ever before.

With Ultra Night Video Capture 4 )K Through the lenses of the wide and ultra-wide cameras, the series of phones is proud of

Find X5 with the best wide and ultra-wide image quality across both photo and video in the industry.

in close cooperation with Sony to customize the sensor IMX 709 For Camera Phone Find X5 Pro) front, OPPO ) by incorporating MariSilicon X to ensure your selfies look their best yet, with more Texture, accurate color reproduction – even in challenging lighting conditions. And when more friends jump into the shot, the selfie camera automatically switches from an 80-degree angle to a wide 90-degree angle, ensuring no one is out of the picture.

OPPO Find X5 Pro Natural color calibration also includes From Hasselblad in mode

Pro, and a set of professional filters Master Filters Innovative, to offer iconic natural colors, professional color patterns, and a modern touch to mobile photography.

futuristic design with a premium look and feel

Find X5 Pro represents the futuristic design to express the feeling of Incomparable calm and eternal beauty.

Ultra-strong real ceramic back for Find X5 Pro Available in Ceramic White and Glossy Black to reflect comfortable and modern sophistication at its best. This smooth ceramic plate backing is twice as strong as any conventional glass plate, and twice as effective at dissipating heat. And of course, the Find X5 Pro is splash, water, and dust-resistant by standards

. IP709 .

Screen Find X5 The Pro is equally impressive, featuring a 6.7-inch FHD curved AMOLED display, which carries delicate curves and flowing lines from the smooth, clean back to the front. With quality WQHD+, color gamut coverage P3 at 100%, displaying screen Find X5 Pro 10-bit over a billion colors, delivering multiple gradations and hues, and showing full depth and range for minimal color shifts.

FIND X5 Pro of screen performance with a first-of-its-kind multi-brightness equalization, to produce consistent colors, whether you’re looking at the screen in dim artificial light or bright sunlight.

Exposure to large amounts of some types of lighting may affect sleep and lead to eye strain, and thus provided OPPO Dimming the screen with the system 8192- (level to phone Find X5 Pro, to match pupil modulation speeds across different lighting conditions. The result is a more comfortable viewing experience, and is one of the most advanced eye care systems available on smartphones.

The most powerful flagship phone Flagship From OPPO So far

Supported by the latest generations, processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 multi-core, phone mobilized )Find X5 Pro to handle even the most demanding games and applications. Qualcomm 2022 integrated GPU delivers 30% higher performance and 25% higher energy efficiency than the previous generation, thanks to its 4 manufacturing process nm built in, plus provides enhanced AI capabilities.

Despite its power-leading capabilities, OPPO has redoubled its efforts to advance battery life Find X5 Pro and raise the power management rates. The massive 5000 mAh dual-cell battery reflects an 11% increase in capacity compared to the Find X3 Pro


Also offers Find X5 Pro Battery Health Engine, which helps maintain optimum battery life over the long term – up to 1,600 charge cycles, nearly twice the lifespan in the industry.

With support for fast charging technology SUPERVOOC 80W, can be charged Find X5 Pro From almost zero to 50% in just about 12 minutes, and with a charge AIRVOOC 50W, can be charged to 100% wirelessly in just 47 minutes.

ColorOS 12.1 : SMART & SAFE

Regarding the

interface OPPO User-centered, the operating system *)ColorOS 12.1 It is the most beautiful, most intuitive and personalized experience to date. Combined with the Google Android 12 operating system, it delivers amazing experiences and class-leading privacy features, while maintaining full availability of the Google Play Store and its more than 3 million apps. )

for ColorOS .1 A lot of time has been spent on improving the aesthetics, from the design of the icons to the different styles, which have been improved through the manipulation of light and shadow to give it a more realistic and three-dimensional feel. Preserving your privacy and the safety of your data, whether personal or professional, is also a priority ColorOS and one of Its main pillars.

with the issuance of 709 .1 Users can easily get the most out of their new phone Find X5 Pro

. And when multitasking on your phone just isn’t enough to complete your tasks, multi-screen connectivity makes it easy to work on the Windows PC screen and telephone.

Preserving your privacy and the safety of your data, whether personal or professional, has always been a priority ColorOS and one of its main pillars. These efforts have been recognized by outside organizations including ISO, ePrivacy , and TrustArc, and in November 2021,

phone Find X3 Pro the first Chinese smartphone to receive the cross-class certification MDfPP.


Enjoy OPPO Find X5 with superior materials Quality yet quiet, with a tempered laminated glass and anti-fingerprint construction. Available in black and white, the grain surface of this 90% polished material gives a beautiful, almost silky luster that plays with light and feels amazing in your hands.

also includes Find X5Dual Camera System IMX766 The Amazing, Powered By MariSilicon X, 6.5-inch 120Hz 1 billion colors screen, fast charging support SUPERVOOC 80 Watts, Wireless Charging AIRVOOC 30 Watts, and more.

OPPO Enco X2: Hearing is more than just a sense

Harvest the first generation of Enco X A global reach with class-leading audio performance and class-leading design. OPPO continues its cooperation with Dynaudio to offer the latest version of the wireless earbuds: OPPO Enco X 2.

include Enco X2 Dual coaxial motor design, which is often found in more expensive audio products. One of the two drives is the quadrupole high-frequency flat tweeter, which handles treble treble with Amazing 20Hz to 40kHz wave response, delivering excellent transient response and high clarity at high waves. The second driver is an 11mm dynamic driver, which includes ultra-light parchment inside, delivering rich, immersive bass with less loss of detail.

(Moreover, OPPO Enco X2 offers industry-leading noise cancellation capabilities With a maximum depth of 45 dB, and a maximum width of 4 kHz. The 45 dB depth helps you find a quiet corner, no matter where you are – whether at work, on a bus, or even in the air.

And with support for 5.2 and LHDC 4.0, it supports headphones

OPPO Enco X2 Up to 900kbps encoding rate, delivering stunning crystal-clear sound when connected to a phone Find X5 Pro.