Alaa Al-Zuhairi: Unremitting efforts to attract the self-employed to the insurance umbrella

علاء الزهيرى Alaa Al-Zuhairi

Iman Al-Wasili


With the increasing interest of people in the search for a balance between work life and social life and their quest for ways to earn money in a more flexible way, the number of people who prefer choosing liberal professions over traditional jobs is constantly increasing, and there are even some economists who consider this tendency One of the main determinants of the growth of small and medium purchases. According to a recent survey published by


– an online platform for self-employed professionals – stated that the majority of American workers will work freely by the year . And like all other professions and people who need financial support, self-employed owners also need to have insurance coverage to protect them from the dangers that they may face while performing their work.

“Businessmen” interviewed Alaa Al-Zuhairi, head of the Egyptian Insurance Federation, on this issue, which has become urgent in Egypt in light of state directives. To advance the society and advance it by spreading the insurance umbrella in order to shade under its banner all segments of society, including the self-employed, and to know the role of the Egyptian Insurance Federation in this regard and its efforts to attract this large segment of citizens.

Alaa Al-Zuhairi says: Although there are advantages to self-employment such as flexibility and freedom to be the boss of himself, in return, he Not without dangers; When an employee works for a company in which he is protected by the employer’s commercial insurance policies, but the self-employed will be in trouble if they cause injury, property damage, or other losses to a customer or third party, or suffer a fire at their workplace, or the customer sue The person because of the inappropriate services provided to him, or perhaps damage to the products, which in turn causes a great loss to the customer, so it is necessary for self-employed professionals to resort to insurance to deal with unexpected financial losses that affect the management of the work. In addition to the above

It may be very difficult to contract business with any of the self-employed if he does not have any liability insurance, because the majority of clients They ask to see the insurance policy before signing the contract and agreeing to start work.

Alaa Al-Zuhairi continues by saying: What is in your mind is that there are some dangers that the self-employed are exposed to, including but not limited to, for example. Personal injury, customer damage, and technical problems. Unlike employees, self-employed people take full responsibility for their work, so insurance is necessary for anyone who works alone – even if they are self-employed alongside another job.

And regarding the insurance policies available to the self-employed, Al-Zuhairi explained: There are several types of insurance that can help the self-employed. On achieving independence in the future, the type of insurance policy depends on the profession and the type of self-employment that the person performs, however there are a few documents that any self-employed person must possess in order to protect him from the dangers, losses and costly lawsuits that may arise as a result of some The risks that a self-employed person may be exposed to on a daily basis, the most important of which are, for example, “Professional Liability Insurance Policy, which covers claims such as negligence, and wrong advice – general liability insurance policy”

is considered of the documents that most employers buy and cover risks such as personal injury to customers, damage to third party property and can extend to more specialized types such as damage to reputation, advertising liability – the resulting liability insurance policy About cyber-attacks Commercial property insurance policy Business interruption insurance policy Personal accident insurance policy Health and disability insurance policies, especially if we know that a large segment of self-employed professionals

consider that Health care is a major concern for them, because they are self-employed and have no one to provide them with health insurance or any type of employee benefit plan.

On the efforts of the insurance sector to spread awareness among the self-employed of the importance of insurance.. Alaa Al-Zuhairi stressed that the Egyptian Insurance Federation

It always seeks to support and develop the Egyptian insurance market, by trying to inform the market about recent global trends with regard to insurance products, some of which can be applied in the market, such as the market. An important attracting factor for new customer segments The invention of new insurance products has become an inevitable necessities. In light of economic fluctuations

. Therefore, the federation, said Al-Zuhairi, recommends studying the nature of the dangers facing the liberal professions and the appropriateness of these Global coverage of the nature of the Egyptian market and the demand for insurance services in it and to benefit from global experiences in this regard.