AVEVA PI World 2022 showcases the essential role of data in industrial innovation

Aya Hussein

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The world leader in industrial software and support for digital transformation and sustainability, its upcoming conference AVEVA PI World in the center

RAI for conferences in the Dutch capital Amsterdam between

– Mayo 2022. Experts such as Dr. Catherine Green from Oxford University’s Wellcome Institute, as well as representatives from Kellogg’s, Cognizant and Microsoft will speak at the event, making it a hands-on course on how industry leaders can share AI-powered data and information to drive innovation and set new standards for resilience in light of Accelerated Changes.

During the activities of AVEVA PI World, Customers have the opportunity to see solutions AVEVA and its role in bridging the innovation gap by transforming data into viable ideas and supporting competitive advantages. Commenting on the matter, Peter Herwick, CEO of

AVIVA said: “

We are pleased to meet our clients and partners in person this year during the event AVEVA PI World, and we look forward to them sharing the benefits of our broad suite of solutions and their role in supporting data-driven growth in today’s era of performance.”

and added: “Data has become the cornerstone of business operations during the pandemic. When linked to human innovation, it enables us to create new products and processes that contribute to enhanced economic returns. We seek by sharing these innovations with our customers and partners in light of the interconnected industrial economy, which contributes to improving achievements in all aspects, transforming economic growth and achieving sustainable value at all levels.”

Data-Driven Innovation in Real Life

The participants in the events will watch


  • The role of data in inspiring pioneering organizations and innovative thinkers to transform crises into opportunities and to gain an accurate understanding of the importance of human visuals in leveraging data and enhancing data gains Automation.

    On his part, Michael Dean, Global Director of Energy, Control and Information Systems at


    : “Data has become a fundamental basis for industrial innovation, and is now being collected in much greater quantities than before. However, the advantages of digital transformation remain limited without the presence of the human vision that directs that information and works to implement it.” Dean will present a keynote speech during the event, explaining the role of human creativity in future data-driven organizations.

    Damian O’Connor, chief technology officer at Cognizant and a participant in the panel of experts at the

    said AVEVA PI World 03 : “ Data has the power to support innovation, achieve sustainability goals, and accelerate the course of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. By uniting data with human visuals, companies like

    (AVIVA) can and Cognizant

    Empowering sectors to support responsible use of resources and reshaping the industrial landscape.”

    Dean and O’Connor will be among the elite From thought leaders and business experts present at the event who will share with attendees real-life examples of data-driven innovation. The following are the highlights of the conference program:

  • Herowick’s speech in which he presents a data-driven operational model using real-life examples to demonstrate the role of interconnected digital visuals in creating greater value for the entire system.
  • Dr. Catherine Green of explains

    Wellcome Center for the Study of Human Genetics

    at Oxford University The Role of Data in Helping the Development of the Oxford Vaccine, an Inspiring Model for Industries.

  • Influencer Jahinki Belink, former youth representative At the United Nations, an explanation of the role of Generation Z


    in sparking digital thinking as he joins industry teams.

  • Ronan de Hoog, Executive Vice President of Information and Rob McGreevy, EVP Operations, AVEVA About EVP CIO Solutions and How Systems Integration Contributes

    PI at the

    center AVEVA Data accelerates customer value creation.
  • Lisa Johnston, Executive Director of Shopping and Executive Director of Sustainability at AVEVA, moderates an expert panel discussion on economic resilience strategies for success in new conditions. And she will be joined in the discussion by speakers from my company


    And the Cognizant