Tayseer Matar sends a letter of thanks and appreciation to the security leaders in the city of 15 May, the head of Jamaz City, the people’s representatives, and the president of the May 15 Investors Association

Mohamed Morsi

Accountant Tayseer Matar, Undersecretary of the Senate Industry Committee, sent a letter Thanks and appreciation following the success of the expanded meeting that was hosted today to solve the problems of the May 15 investors and ended with good results that made the investors happy.

And this is the text of accountant Tayseer Matar’s message

My sincere thanks and appreciation to my colleagues and friends, investors and factory owners of May 15th City

Greetings and thanks to the respected representatives of the people

Representative Major General Abdel Naim

Honorable Representative Eid Hammad

Dear Representative Arafa Saleh

Young MP Muhammad Tayseer Matar

You have already confirmed that you are representatives of the people and not representatives of the people.

Salute to the man of difficult tasks, the man of achievements

Major General Sayed Hammam, Head of the Agency

and a letter to Mustafa Bey Medhat

Your presence assured us that security is a message for the Egyptian citizen and a security for us

Greetings from the heart to the Egyptian police, its men, and its sectors of national security, regular police, and investigations.

And in the end, thanks to my dear brother Obi, who is rich in you 20220302
Today you have shouldered the responsibility of all of us

Greetings to the honorable men of Egypt, businessmen of May 15

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy


Tayseer Matar