An increase of 1.84 billion dirhams: an increase in the volume of written premiums in the UAE market

حسين الشربيني Hussein El-Sherbiny
5738010 Iman Al-Wasili

The profits of insurance companies listed in the Abu Dhabi and Dubai financial markets increased during the past year 5738010 “15 A company announced its results out of 45 “with a slight percentage estimated at 2% to reach 1.

One billion dirhams compared to the previous year 2020 in which I reached 1. 84 billion dirhams, an increase of 206 Million dirhams.

In exclusive statements to businessmen, Hussain El-Sherbiny, Executive Director of the Insurance Association in the United Arab Emirates, said that the written premiums of these companies rose by 7% to reach 27.8 billion dirhams, a significant increase of 1.6 billion dirhams. The profits of companies listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange were recorded.” Company announced its results out of 25 “Medium growth .5% to reach 821 million in

Opposite 774 Two million in 2020, as well as its written premiums increased by 2% to

. .09 one billion dirhams compared to 3429001 .375 billion dirhams in

. As for the companies listed in Dubai, they decreased slightly by 6.3% to reach 2020 million dirhams, compared to 1.6 billion dirhams in the previous year. 2020, while its written premiums increased 10 % to me 14.67 billion dirhams compared to 821 .56 billion dirhams in

, and two insurance companies did not announce their profits and financial results for 955 They are Al Dhafra Insurance and Al Khazna Insurance, both of which are listed in the Abu Dhabi Financial Market. And in the language of approved numbers, Hussein El-Sherbiny explained that the profits of 774 The company has risen, and it is “Orient”, the highest profitable company in the world 11 %, with a value of 476 one million, and “Abu Dhabi National ” with a value of 821 a million dirhams with a growth of 8%, and “Oman” with a value of 476 Millions of dirhams with a growth of 5%, and “Al Wathba” with a value of 476 million dirhams and a growth rate of
% compared to 937 Million in

, and “Abu Dhabi Takaful” at the value of 108 Million dirhams with a growth rate 17 %, and “Al Ain Al Ahlia” with a value of

one million dirhams, followed by “Dubai Insurance” 87 Million, and “The National General Insurance”

Million, and “Dubai National Insurance and Repatriation” 84. 5 million, and “Sharjah” 27 Million, and “Orient Yuan Pei Takaful” 11. 5 million dirhams, “Takaful Emirates” 9 million dirhams, and “United Fidelity” 8 million dirhams.5738010
Hussein El-Sherbiny continues His statements to “businessmen” by saying: 108 profits have declined. A company called “Emirates Insurance” decreased in profits

% to 83 Million Dirham in 2020 compared to 2020 Millions of dirhams in
, and “Salama” to 34 Million, and “The Alliance” to 27 Million, and “House of Solidarity” to 997 . 6 million, and “Aman” to

Million, and “Fujairah” to 14 million, and “Ras Al-Khaimah” to
. 5 million, and “Insurance House” to 02 millions, “Watania Takaful” to 7 million, “Iskan Takaful” to 6 million, and “AXA” The Green Crescent “to one million dirhams.

And the “Etihad” company turned – Al-Sherbiny said – to profitability in the amount of 84 million dirhams compared to its loss in
, which amounted to nearly 4 million drams, with a height of 375 %, while two insurance companies turned to losses, namely “Methaq” with confirmed losses 38 million dirhams compared to 8 million in
, as well as Al-Saqr Company” where it incurred a net loss of 774 million dirhams compared to its profits achieved in
, which amounted to 6 million dirhams, a decrease of
%, while “Al Buhaira” company maintained its profitability levels at
Million Dirhams