37.1 billion Egyptian pounds, the total revenues of Telecom Egypt during 2021, with a growth rate of 16%

عادل حامد Adel Hamed

Iman Al-Wasili


Net Profits Increase to 8.4 Billion Pounds, and Base Growth

Customer on the level All services

Telecom Egypt announced today its results for the fiscal year ending on 2019 December 2021, in accordance with the consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with Egyptian Accounting Standards

The most important indicators of the financial year’s business results were

. As follows:

The total consolidated revenue 74. 1 billion Egyptian pounds, with a growth rate of 16 % compared to the previous year mainly driven by the increase in revenues Data services, which achieved a growth of 52% compared to the same period from the previous year, where it represented 2021 % of the total growth in revenues, followed by an increase in infrastructure services revenues Infrastructure by 33 %.

    The customer base has achieved a growth level All services provided compared to last year, where the number of fixed-line subscribers and fixed-speed Internet subscribers increased by 12% And the30%, respectively, with the number of mobile subscribers reaching 9.4 million customers, with a growth rate of % compared to the previous year.2021

    Profit before interest, taxes, depreciation and depreciation amounted to Depreciation 14. 2 billion Pounds, achieving a profit margin of 74% as a result of achieving high-margin revenues.

    The operating profit rate is A growth of 42 % compared to the previous year, supported by revenue growth and efforts to rationalize costs, despite from the increase in depreciation and amortization costs by (%) compared to the previous year.

    The net profit after taxes amounted to 8.4 billion pounds, achieving a growth of 2021 % compared to the previous year, driven by With outstanding operational performance and a high return on investment income in Vodafone, which achieved a growth rate of 74% Compared to the previous year.

    (Capital expenditures amounted to 09 . 1 billion pounds 33 % of total revenue The realized data, while the capital expenditures paid amounted to the amount of 10. 6 billion pounds, or 74% of the total Realized Revenues.

    The net debt-to-earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization ratio stabilized on an annual basis 0.9 times compared to 1.6 times in the previous year, with the interest rate declining to reach 5.3% compared to 5.9% in the year 2021.

    The net operating cash flow doubled to 67 One billion Egyptian pounds, an unprecedented increase.

    The Board of Directors has proposed a dividend of one pound per share for the year

    with a growth rate of 74 % compared to the previous year.

    Eng. Adel Hamed, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt commented on the net The results of the company’s business for the fiscal year 2021 saying:

    “happy with the results of the fiscal year 2021 , which reflects the company’s distinguished performance at all levels, as the revenue growth rate reached 27 % compared to the previous year, supported by an increase in data services revenues by 27 % on an annual basis, and EBITDA achieved a growth rate of 16 % compared to the previous year, achieving a strong profit margin of 2021 % The net profit also recorded an unprecedented figure, reaching 7.7 billion Egyptian pounds, with a growth rate that reached 52% after neutralizing the effect of non-operational items. The strategic results adopted by the company reflect the highest levels of financial and operational excellence, as the company was able to translate the growth in revenues into high cash flows of 3 billion Egyptian pounds, which amounts to 7 billion pounds, after adding Vodafone Egypt’s exceptional dividends, which amounted to 4 billion pounds. Egyptian.

    The company continued to provide distinctive products to meet the needs of various customers In addition to developing internal systems by relying on the company’s distinctive infrastructure that extends across Egypt and the region. In addition, Telecom Egypt continued to contribute strongly to national digitization projects, including the new phase of the digital transformation initiative, which includes linking government buildings at the state level with fiber-optic cables, in addition to the first phase of the Good Life initiative, which includes linking about 1400 FTTH Village

    The company also continued its efforts towards reducing borrowing and reducing the cost of financing by taking advantage of the high operating cash flows and exceptional dividends for Vodafone Egypt during the year. Which the company obtained in light of the amended shareholders’ agreement with Vodafone Group, which gave the company clarity of vision regarding the return on its investment in Vodafone Egypt. on the vision of Telecom Egypt and its commitment to maximizing shareholder returns in line with the state’s strategy for sustainable development by striving towards achieving strategic goals next year and in the future.”