The Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit is back for the seventh year in a row

Ashraf Tawfik

The activities of the Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit have started 2021 for the seventh year in a row under the title “Entrepreneurship: From Research to Application” at Badr University in Cairo.

During the first day, the summit presented a set of keynotes and fruitful discussion sessions that dealt with vital topics such as environmentally sustainable projects, investment capital strategies, the role of universities and academic research in developing the field of entrepreneurship and others, in the presence of a number of Public and influential figures in the field of entrepreneurship, development and higher education.

Commenting on the event, Amr Abu Al-Azm, President of Jane Egypt, explained : “The Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit is one of the most prominent events that we have organized during the past seven years, and it has succeeded in achieving communication between many distinguished entrepreneurs and linking the main and important elements of the entrepreneurship community in Egypt. We are keen to continually develop the topics of the summit every year to provide tangible benefit, and we feel proud that Badr University hosts the summit events for this year, as it is considered one of the most important emerging universities that adopt activities and events that aim and support entrepreneurship in Egypt.”
A variety of speakers and academics participated in the summit. Topics related to financing, legal challenges for startups, the importance of marketing research for commercial projects and entrepreneurship in the field of agriculture were also discussed, in addition to presenting successful models for pioneering women. Business in Egypt.

This year’s Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit comes as a result of hard work and strategic partnerships between a group of key partners in the community Entrepreneurship in Egypt are: the Umm Habiba Foundation of the Aga Khan Network, the Association, the Academy of Scientific Research, the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, the International Council for Small Businesses, Dolatto, the Obner Company, hosting Badr University, and organizing from the Global Entrepreneurship Network (Gene Egypt) and the International Labor Organization As a founding partner.

I started gone The Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit in Egypt in 2015 and is considered one of the pioneering activities that aim to achieve communication between the elements of the entrepreneurship community and share experiences, where the summit is attended by a large number Among the important figures from all over the world who are decision-makers and influencers in the field of education as well as businessmen, women, entrepreneurs and youth.

About the Global Entrepreneurship Network (Jane Egypt):

Jane Egypt is a company An Egyptian affiliate of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, a network that exists in more than 2008 countries around the world whose goal is to support entrepreneurs. Jane Egypt started in 2008 organizing the activities of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is the main activity of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, but the start of organizing various activities and competitions aimed at communicating the entrepreneurial community in Egypt and to provide moral, academic and financial support to entrepreneurs and help them develop their ideas and start-up companies, including the Nawaat and Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit competition.