“Lamsa” for jewelry is chosen on the “Milano” Tower project for Jusoor Real Estate Company

Ashraf Tawfiq

“Jusoor” real estate company announced the presence of a group A touch of “Jewelry” in its project “Milano Tower” in the Downtown area of ​​the New Administrative Capital.

The engineer said Hisham Hamza, CEO and Managing Director of Jusoor Real Estate Company, said that “Lamsa” for jewelry is one of the major and important brands in the gold and jewelry market inside and outside Egypt, and that choosing Lamsa for jewelry and gold for Jusoor and choosing it for the “Milano Tower” project represents a strong addition to the project, and enhances the Our capabilities to attract major brands to our projects and confirms our seriousness and interest in the operational aspect of the project and our keenness on the investments of our clients.

Hamza added that the project “Milano Tower” is the first of Jusoor’s real estate projects in the New Administrative Capital, out of a number of projects that we intend to launch during the coming period in the New Administrative Capital, due to the company’s belief in the feasibility of the national project. For the sustainable development achieved by the new republic.

Engineer “Mohamed Al-Shaer”, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jusoor Real Estate, explained that The Milan Tower project was launched in June of last year 2021, with investments of 650 million pounds, and that the project is located in the Duwan Town area, with an area of ​​4800 m2 on the main axis linking the Mohammed bin Zayed axis and the government district and overlooking the Egypt Mosque and the Gold Market, and it consists of 3 Basement houses in addition to 03 a variety of uses (commercial – administrative – medical) and the company has achieved a high sales rate since the beginning of the launch The project.

Ayman Hosny, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Lamseh” Jewelery Company, expressed his happiness to be present for the first time in The administrative capital, especially with a major company that has strong experience and previous work in the Egyptian real estate sector, with a project that is more than distinguished in terms of design and engineering, as well as its strategic location. The new administration is Egypt’s next future And its economic heart and future civilization