CIT organizes bilateral business meetings to present electronic invoice solutions to the industrial sector

Aya Hussein

The Chamber of Information and Communications Technology Industry (CIT) announced the sponsor of the digital industry Today, about organizing a workshop with the participation of a group of experts and specialists to get acquainted with the latest technical trends in the development of the management of the electronic invoice solutions and applications system, followed by holding bilateral working meetings between the member companies and a number of industrial bodies to provide a set of solutions and systems for the application of electronic invoice, with the aim of emphasizing the Its role in localizing modern technology in various sectors in line with the state’s general vision in achieving financial inclusion. Formerly Vermont.”

2022 It is scheduled to include a meeting that will allow participants from industrial entities to learn about digital applications and solutions provided by companies Information technology, and the meeting is expected to contribute to achieving one of the most prominent strategic axes of Chambers The information and communication technology industry, which is based on the development of the local demand for Egyptian software that conforms to international standards, in addition to the constructive contribution to raising the quality and efficiency of the work of other sectors by maximizing the benefit from the modern digital revolution in the management of the financial system. 2022 It is worth noting that the meeting will include solutions that have success stories in implementing the system with at least 3 to 5 clients, especially after the tax authority’s decision The Egyptian government has taken all legal measures with those who are not committed to applying the electronic invoice system for all those registered in the tax center.