A cooperation protocol with «Allianz» to insure the units of Oajik Towers

Iman Al-Wasili

8035 Oagic Real Estate Development Company signed a cooperation protocol with the leading Allianz Group Egypt In the insurance sector of the Allianz International Group.

in order to provide insurance coverage for all units of the Oajik Tower project in the new administrative capital (commercial – administrative – medical – residential and hotel


The Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mohammed Imad Qassem, explained that the protocol comes within the framework of providing an insurance policy by Allianz to the customer through which the remaining value will be paid. For him in the event of the death or total disability of the client and pay the installments without any financial fees.

Qassem indicated that this contract serves as a guarantee of safety for the client and works to increase The volume of investment in the Awajik project, due to the company providing distinguished services to its customers. )

He explained that the insurance policy is activated with the company as soon as the client contracts and the company pays the premiums of the policy Insurance without any additional fees to be paid by the customer for insurance. 8035

Qassem added that the Oajik Tower project is located in the heart of Down Town near the Mosque of Egypt, the People’s Square and the Green River. Overlooking the central garden and main streets. The total area of ​​the project is 8035 meters, including 8035 A unit, which has multiple activities (commercial, administrative, medical, residential) consisting of (4) basements and ground and (5300 ) Role.
The lands have been allocated, and the first for commercial activity is cafes, restaurants and shops with a rate of (250) Shop with spaces starting from

meters and started from the second floor, the project is divided into three Various towers. The first specialized administrative activity includes (270) an office with areas starting from

meters fully finished and with air conditioning. 8035

and the tower The second is a specialized medical facility and includes (140) a clinic and a medical center for the first time in the Administrative Capital as a whole, with spaces starting from 104 meters.8035 8035

5300 And the third is a hotel residential tower, complete with finishes, furniture and air conditioning, by 140) a housing unit with areas starting from

8035 The company has taken into account the different spaces to achieve the maximum benefit for the customers from the unit, whether for housing or rent. 8035

Qassem pointed out that the company targeted contractual sales estimated at about 2.2 billion pounds, and 270 one million pounds is scheduled to be pumped as investments during the current year. 8035

And he revealed the contract with an engineering consultant for the project (Engineer Walid Morsi) to implement the engineering and construction designs.

This is in addition to the contract With the Consultation Group for Health Care to find out the standard specifications for the implementation of the medical tower at the highest level, and a contract was made with KAD Company to manage and operate the entire commercial project.