Marotta Real Estate Development: The Administrative Capital is the best investment destination locally and abroad

Ashraf Tawfik Tariq Khalil: The Egyptian real estate market enjoys a large and diversified demand


Ayman Al-Ghafir: Administrative Capital projects achieve the highest returns

Marota Real Estate Development Company, one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development, revealed its great confidence in investing in the Egyptian market, and the promising opportunities that the market enjoys, especially in the sector

Tariq Khalil and Ayman Al-Ghafir, owners and founders of Marota Real Estate Development Company, said that the company decided to open the doors of investment in the New Administrative Capital, after a thorough review and studies of the market, which proved that the Administrative Capital is the best investment destination in Region.

Tariq Khalil said that what He has made a real achievement in the administrative capital, which is witnessed by everyone, whether at home or abroad. He added that the Egyptian real estate market is characterized by a large and diverse demand In light of the steady population increase, and the volume of demand approaches about one million housing units annually in various segments of society, according to official reports, and this is a great advantage for the market. For his part, Ayman Al-Ghafir said that studies have proven that the capital projects The administration achieves the highest investment returns as it is characterized by diversity to suit the different desires and needs of clients and those looking for investment. 2022 He indicated that real estate companies tend to compete to offer more facilities and facilities for customers to buy in the Administrative Capital, It is a good opportunity for those wishing to invest, especially before the government moves to its new headquarters in the government district of the capital. 2022 and Marota Real Estate Development An Egyptian-Syrian joint stock company inaugurated by the Egyptian businessman Tariq Khalil and the Syrian businessman Ayman Al-Ghafir. Tarek Khalil is an Egyptian businessman with great experience and long working experience since 2004 in the management of commercial and investment malls The real estate market in the Egyptian market, and Ayman Al-Ghafir is a Syrian businessman and investor and has many successful experiences in the field of business management in its various sectors in Egypt and Syria.