Al Burouj Egypt launches “Sixty3”, the company's seventh project

Ashraf Tawfik

Al-Borouj Egypt celebrated the launch of its new Sixty 3 project, making it the seventh of the company’s projects in the new administrative capital and the third in the financial and government district, which is located near the Central Bank and the banking district in general, and a group of telecom and insurance companies, and the project area is 8,000 square meters with a total built-up area of ​​21 thousand square meters.

He said Eng. Mohamed Assi – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Borouj Company, said that the project is administrative and includes units suitable for all commercial activities and a diversity of areas 1000 meters on the ground floor and the first to suit major companies and high-end banks to be part of this promising area, along with areas starting from 50 meters for units in repeated roles, pointing to The architectural designs of the project fit the architectural plan of the financial district to unify the visual identity of the area in which the project is located 886267
Assi pointed out that the project contains 3 Basement floors with the entire surface of the land, and the area of ​​the first floor is
square meters, and it was designed with a distinctive architectural character to simulate the buildings in the Financial District in terms of the use of glass With the facades of the project and cladding the walls with marble, so that the building becomes an integral part of the neighborhood in which the project is located “in the Financial District” and near the Council of Ministers district, the presidential district, the People’s Square, the Parliament building and the Mosque of Egypt. The official announcement of its opening during the next few months, in addition to many services that suit all administrative activities, including meeting rooms and landscapes overlooking the green walkway in the Financial District, smart parking spaces and places for charging cars electrically.
The Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors indicated that the company’s vision, investment strategy and growth rates for the company in the period from 2017 to 2022 exceeded the target through a number of Executed and prepared projects It was established on the ground, pointing to their constant interest in the feasibility studies in place for each of the company’s projects, which are based on realism and dependence on the numbers and data of the Egyptian market, stressing that with the opening of the financial and government district during the coming period, investment in the Sixty3 project will be a short-term investment in view of what the region will witness surrounding the project from the actual start-up with the support of the political leadership of the state and the start-up of the ministerial buildings in full,