International real estate expert: The necessity of having one official body to control the relationship between the market parties and the export of real estate

Ashraf Tawfik

The Egyptian market is a promising and strong market to offer a distinguished product 8510985109

It’s time for someone to watch Dealers in the market and provide sufficient and accurate information

The state is proceeding at a steady pace to correct the course of the real estate sector to serve its customers
Ahmed El-Batrawy, founder of Plat Form Leaders in America, said that the Egyptian market is a promising and strong market to offer It is a distinct real estate product, but we cannot compare it to the American market, especially in light of the projects being proposed by the state now, and its steady and strong pace towards organizing and correcting the course of the real estate sector in general; To create a kind of credibility in dealing with real estate developers.85109
Added El-Batrawy, in a telephone interview with the program “Elly Bani Misr”, presented by journalist Marwa El-Haddad and broadcaster on “Radio Egypt”, that the state is working with utmost force, by taking a number of new decisions that contribute to controlling the urban system, pointing out that Egypt is a strong country. In the volume of real estate available in it, but it requires the presence of a single source or source of information, stressing that it is time for an authority entrusted with monitoring the market and providing sufficient information for those wishing to obtain it from reliable sources.
He pointed out that the real estate sector can only be regulated by the state, because it is the body capable of doing this The matter, indicating that the credibility of clients inside and outside Egypt will only be through real credibility in dealing. He said that the real estate market is in a state of confusion due to the lack of correct information, this matter greatly affects the export of real estate, which can only be through the state’s control of the market In general, and preserving the reputation of the Egyptian real estate, in order to ensure that it obtains a strong share of the export. The real estate sector is a major contributor to the local national product, equivalent to 959 %, and therefore it is necessary to preserve the real estate wealth that is Billions of pounds, explaining that the Egyptian real estate has become one of the most important real estate on the scene in light of the state’s construction of unprecedented projects, whether in the main roads and axes and new cities such as the Administrative Capital, New Alamein and the expansion area in the Fifth Settlement, and thus the Egyptian real estate became the competitor The only one in the region, which requires the state to intervene quickly.

Al-Batrawy suggested that the state grant the necessary licenses and permits to real estate marketers and all those who deal in it, as well as to monitor the market more accurately, and prevent conflicting information, pointing out that the American market is completely different in these foundations from the Egyptian real estate market, because we find marketers abroad. Real estate cannot deal in buying and selling through cash friendly, but there are supervisory authorities that fully supervise the system, to ensure that customers are not afraid of measures that may create a feeling of fear of losing his savings.

And he said, in the event that an investor or a foreign citizen wants to buy a housing unit in the Egyptian market, the first thing he resorts to is to search the Internet, to make it clear to him that the housing unit he wants to buy is offered to me. More than 959 a real estate marketer, and therefore this leads to fear, caution and caution, which results in the loss of Egypt’s share of the currency proceeds

He stressed that there must be an authority entrusted with regulating the real estate market in a serious and effective manner. And linking the relationship between the parties dealing with the market, from a state, developer and broker, pointing out that the broker is the first to benefit from the new decisions, because it guarantees obtaining his right to the property sold, stressing that what the Egyptian state is doing will make it at the forefront of the best-selling countries in the Middle East, and it will reach global Thanks to the unique projects you own.