Banque Misr signs a new partnership agreement with Visa in the areas of electronic payment

Iman Al-Wasili and Fathi Al-Sayeh

Bank Misr Recently, by signing a long-term cooperation agreement with Visa, a leading company in the field of digital payments technology, the agreement allows Banque Misr to provide the latest in digital payment technology to keep pace with customers’ needs, and provide new products, services and innovative solutions to customers, of all segments, and support digital solutions with advanced and competitive advantages, including In line with the country’s strategy to achieve comprehensive digital transformation and encourage electronic payment systems.

This partnership is a strong example of the concerted efforts of leading institutions such as Banque Misr, one of the largest Egyptian banks, and Visa, the leading company in the field of electronic payments, to contribute to achieving financial inclusion and expanding the area of ​​acceptance of electronic payments, allowing more Of the multiple benefits for traders, consumers and the Egyptian economy as a whole.

The signing of the partnership agreement comes within the framework of the bank’s keenness to support the transformation of a cashless society, and to complete all banking transactions easily and safely, especially in light of individuals’ preference for social distancing. Be aware and use electronic services as a safe alternative, in light of the current circumstances of the Corona virus, and this cooperation is a step on the path of Banque Misr’s successes in the field of electronic payments, especially payment cards.

Mr. Ihab Dora stated – Head of the Banking Branches and Retail Sector at Banque Misr, after signing that Banque Misr always seeks to advance the efforts of financial inclusion, which is an official and strategic direction for the state, because it has become inevitable and not a choice, and is considered a priority for banks in Egypt during the coming period, and the efforts of all banks must unite with The Central Bank’s efforts to take more effective steps to achieve a qualitative leap in the Egyptian economy by applying financial inclusion.

Mr. Ehab Dorra also stressed the importance of motivating citizens to use various electronic payment options, as the Bank of Egypt supports digital transformation efforts by providing electronic solutions to facilitate customers, thus contributing more to the provision of banking and financial services in an easy and advanced manner, as the bank expanded in providing a large number of digital services to its customers. This protocol is a continuation of the previous successes between Banque Misr and Visa for cooperation in various fields of electronic payment.

On her part, Ms. Malak Al-Baba – General Manager of Visa Egypt stated that this partnership comes in The framework of Visa’s strategy to support various financial institutions in their quest to provide the latest electronic products, achieve financial inclusion and meet the needs of customers, in light of Egypt’s rapid transformation in financial technology and the transformation towards a cashless society with the support of the government, the banking sector and financial technology companies.

Ms. Malak Al Baba added: “Visa is keen to develop strong and lasting partnerships to provide new financing models, through the global experience that is distinguished by Visa, as well as a network that includes

million payment machines in more than 2022 countries, adding that we are committed to developing all innovative and advanced solutions, as we harness our digital payment network to help many Companies in the region not only to withstand challenges, but also to prosper alongside communities.”

Banque Misr always seeks to support the efforts of Digital transformation by providing electronic solutions to facilitate customers, thus contributing further to improving the provision of banking and financial services, and Banque Misr works to enhance the excellence of its services, maintain its long-term success and actively participate in services that meet the needs of its customers, as the values ​​and strategies of Banque Misr’s work Always reflecting the Bank’s commitment to the sustainable development and prosperity of Egypt.