“The Capital Egypt Expo” kicks off at Dusit Hotel, with the participation of 30 developers displaying 100 projects

Ashraf Tawfiq

20220220 Ahmed Al-Minshawi: The exhibition is witnessing the participation of 02 A real estate developer with more than 100 a diversified project

20220220 Osama Al-Minshawi: The requirement to implement part of the project before marketing it in the exhibition to preserve the rights of customers

Diyarna Real Estate Marketing Company intends to launch “The Capital Egypt Expo” on 4 and 5 March, at Dusit Thani Hotel in the Fifth Settlement, with the participation of 02 a real estate developer, and in total 100 a diversified project. Ahmed El-Minshawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Diyarna Real Estate Marketing, said that the company aims to diversify the projects it offers to its clients during the exhibition activities, and seeks through it to help customers identify the largest number of projects implemented in the New Administrative Capital, Fifth Settlement, Shorouk and North Coast. He added that the exhibition includes a package of various projects between commercial, administrative, residential and hotel implemented in various areas, which received a turnout from customers and interest in obtaining units in them. %, and flexible payment systems up to 30 year. He explained that the exhibition is witnessing the participation of more than 100 real estate companies with more than 100. A diversified project in New Cairo and the New Administrative Capital, and companies are present with distinctive projects and strong offers they present to customers during the two days of the exhibition, and a number of major real estate companies will participate in the exhibition, most notably City Edge, La Vista, Better Home, and Hassan Allam for Real Estate Investment. Osama Al-Minshawi, CEO of Diyarna Real Estate Marketing, added that for the first time in the exhibition, only cooperation with companies that have started implementing their projects, and completing the legal papers of the proposed project, is done, which achieves the element of credibility among all parties. He pointed out that Diyarna, the organizer of the exhibition, is responsible for preserving the rights of the client and the presence of companies with strong financial and technical solvency present at the exhibition, and who are serious in implementing their projects, which provides the element of confidence that the client is looking for.