Oxygen therapy and natural foods increase human life and obtain the necessary elements

Dr. Mohamed Hafez Ibrahim

The British Health Authority and Research Dr. Gary Smerdon, CEO of the Medical Charity Association In the United Kingdom Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is widely used by athletes and actors, is credited with multiple benefits, starting with with accelerated wound healing and long-term recovery from complications of all viruses, improved immunity and cerebral function And finally, maintaining the health of cells and prolonging their life, according to what the research confirms. Which elaborates on the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, that many world famous people choose to undergo, from footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, to actors like Justin Bieber

Dr. Gary Smerdon explained the benefits of oxygen therapy and does this mean that we should all undergo this treatment. Where it conducts research in diving diseases and provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy, where in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the patient breathes oxygen gas by

percent in a pressurized room. This pressure leads to the decomposition of oxygen in the blood plasma, which increases the amount of oxygen in the circulatory system at a high rate. The benefits attributed to the treatment, according to research, include reducing inflammation, enhancing energy production in cells in various organs of the body, increasing stem cell turnover by eight times, enhancing immunity, and forming new blood vessels

Oxygen therapy, which is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Committee on Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine, is in the spotlight in the midst of the Corona virus. Which has increased the interest in the quality and purity of the air we breathe, especially considering the Corona virus as a respiratory illness in the first place. The research says that a person breathes 25 a thousand times a day, so we are right to be apprehensive about the quality of the air we inhale. In his review of the treatment in question, Dr. Gary Smerdon says that the initial conclusions are promising, but he is wary of using this technique in cases of muscle-painful encephalomyelitis or fatigue, or of using it as an anti-aging and health-promoting tool. Therefore, caution must be exercised. This treatment may be useful in aging and invigorating health, but there is no clear evidence in research for this.

explains Dr. Nur Özelmaz, Consultant Pediatrician at the Faculty of Medicine Royal British Medicine The Center for hyperbaric oxygen therapy in London receives patients with different conditions, starting from with brain injury and ending with inflammatory bowel disease. The person usually undergoes twenty treatment sessions closely spaced at the center, and then two sessions a week later. She says that she tried to dissuade them from their resolve, and tells them that there is no evidence in research until today that proves the effectiveness of high-pressure oxygen therapy on aging, health revitalization or headaches, perhaps this is an illusion and nothing more. But they swear it improves their energy levels, sleep quality, and ability to exercise .

According to the research, the year 2021 witnessed a significant surge in the interest of people with dementia in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and new research concluded that: It has multifaceted effects that contribute to neuroprotection, thus improving memory and brain function, by enhancing blood flow and slowing the growth of amyloid plaques in the brain, which are believed to be linked to Alzheimer’s disease. This is based on the study that concluded that hyperbaric oxygen therapy contributed to enhanced cognitive abilities, including speed of information processing and executive functions. But Dr. Gary Tubbs, chief of hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Mayo Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, USA, says he has not touched Significant effects on cognition in patients receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He points out that more research is needed to investigate whether this treatment slows the aging process of cells..

Researches from the University of Bergen in Norway showed that a diet increases the healthy average lifespan of a person. Where the study of the University of Bergen in Norway revealed a diet that can increase the average human lifespan . by consuming some or all fresh natural foods. Switching to a healthy fresh diet of fruits and vegetables early in life increases the life expectancy of women by nearly 25 years and for men 20 a year with an average estimate of scholars 13 years . The notion that improving diet quality would lower the risk of chronic disease and premature death has long been a well-established idea, said Dr. David Kance, an expert in preventive medicine and lifestyle medicine.

The study also confirmed that eating a healthy balanced diet in addition to a positive lifestyle by keeping away from anxiety and stress, as well as exercising and night sleep increases the healthy life of a person . There is a diet that ensures that you get all the nutrients necessary for the body. Where the body needs a lot of the necessary nutrients from vitamins and minerals to remain strong, healthy and resistant to bacteria and viruses, when eating foods and drinks that belong to the main healthy food groups. To ensure obtaining all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients, a balanced diet can consist of foods belonging to the following groups:

= grains and legumes Whole: Where eating whole legumes such as peas, beans, lentils and beans has a good health effect, as well as whole grains and nuts .

= seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables .

= Nuts of all kinds, such as cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts

= protein sources, such as lean red meat .


= dependence on fiber-rich starches in meals, such as rice and potatoes . )

= Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables during the day.

= Eat alternatives to milk if you do not want to eat milk and its derivatives, such as relying on soy milk .

= Eating unsaturated oils, such as olive oil, corn oil .

= Drink enough fluids before feeling thirsty.

= Reducing intake Salts, refined sugars and saturated fats .

= Determine the amount of calories you should consume It suits the daily effort.

= Avoid preserved and fast foods E because it contains hydrogenated fats and refined sugars.