Offering 100% Egyptian veterinary medicines with international quality and competitive price

Eh Hussain

Company announced « Eva Pharma, one of the leading national companies in the pharmaceutical industry, which operates in Egypt and more than 353 countries around the world, announced the launch of its first production of medicines and treatments Used in the field of animal health, through 4 new products for livestock, and several medicines related to the health of pets such as cats and dogs, as well as poultry, and many other veterinary preparations, and vaccines to immunize animals against various diseases.

Dr. Ahmed Waked, General Manager of Animal Health Department at Eva Pharma, said that the new products launched by the company include anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory. parasites, and other products, which serve both breeders, farm owners, and doctors treating various animals.

The General Manager added Department of Animal Health at «Eva Vague» Rama”, in the press conference held for the launch of veterinary medicines, said that the company currently occupies the second place in the list of best-selling human medicines in Egypt, and just as it has achieved this success in the field of human medicines, it seeks to launch in the service of livestock and animal health.

He explained that the company offers medicines that are used in the field of poultry production, livestock, and pets such as cats, dogs and horses, and that it strives to deepen local manufacturing, and provide A local product with international specifications.

He indicated that «EVA» seeks to bridge the gap between the required product and the one available or offered in the market. Pharmaceuticals, especially with the presence of many fraudulent products in the market, or the lack of products imported from abroad. The company will launch during the coming period a group of veterinary vaccines to serve various sectors, indicating that these medicines and vaccines will be provided to the local market in the first stage, and then the company will expand to export abroad at a later stage. For his part, Dr. Muhammad Mesbah, Technical Director of the Center, said: Animal health research in Mansoura, the local market is in need of medicines produced by respected and reliable companies such as “Eva Pharma”, with the same quality as the imported veterinary treatment, and at a price that suits the economic situation in Egypt.

At the press conference for the launch of new drugs, the technical director of the Animal Health Research Center expected that the new treatments would contribute to the country’s productive and economic benefits to the breeder, adding: “When given An animal like a cow or cattle in general has the medicines and immunizations that it needs, you will find its general health in good, and its productivity high, and then the breeder will benefit, that you give birth to a calf every year, and milk comes from it daily. He explained that the prices of medicines imported from abroad for livestock have witnessed a significant increase in the past period, and that the local product, in addition to its quality, will be at an appropriate price, which will benefit the increase in the profitability of the breeder or The owner of the farm.

He pointed out that the competition of local pharmaceutical companies in the production of high-quality veterinary preparations will benefit their industry in the first place.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Othman, CEO of “Lavage Group”, said that “Eva” is one of the first companies to produce high quality veterinary medicines in Egypt, which will have strategic benefits, whether on milking cows, or fattening calves.

“Othman” praised the company’s role in providing the preparations needed by animals, whether aspects of immunizations and vaccines, which are preventive aspects of Infectious diseases, or medicines for recurring diseases.