May 15 Investors Association: Urgent coordination with the government and parliament to solve factory problems

Mohamed Morsi

Abdel-Ghani Al-Abasiri: The issuance and renewal of industrial licenses must be activated by notification

Tayseer Matar: Establishing an office for the Industrial Development Authority in the city is an important necessity

Sayed Hammam: New industrial lands will be offered to investors soon… and an upcoming agreement with one of the transport associations

Cairo March 4 2022

15 Mayo Investors Association, headed by Eng. May, Major General Engineer Sayed Hammam, and a number of members of the House of Representatives and Senate, including Representative Tayseer Matar, Undersecretary of the Senate Industry Committee, Representative Abdel Naim Hamed, Representative Arafa Saleh, Representative Eid Hammad, and Representative Muhammad Taysir Matar.

The head of the 100 Mayo Investors Association, Engineer Abdul-Ghani Al-Abasiri, stressed the importance of stimulating and encouraging the industrial sector to produce and pump new investments by overcoming the obstacles and challenges facing them.

He pointed out that this expanded conference, in which more than 100 investors participated in it For the city, it aims to monitor and account for the problems that factory owners suffer from in the city, coordinate with the entrusted government agencies and negotiate with them to reach urgent solutions that guarantee the continuity of factories in production to maintain existing workers and achieve productivity rates to meet the needs of the local market as well as export abroad.

Al-Abasiri stressed the importance of activating the renewal and issuance of industrial licenses with danger as long as industries are not dangerous, in order not to disrupt the work of the factories and enable them to continue the activity. And the manufacturers’ proposals and work to convey their voice to the entrusted authorities, in confirmation of the association’s initiative, which emphasizes the importance of solidarity and cooperation among all parties to the system to achieve the maximum possible benefit for the industrial sector. Renewal of industrial licenses and records, lack of transportation for workers, shortage of land for industrial investment, lack of paved roads in some streets in the city, as well as some problems related to insurance T, taxes and others.

Representative Tayseer Matar, deputy of the Senate Industry Committee, one of the city’s investors, stressed the importance of achieving industrial integration among investors in the 100 Mayo area in order to increase production

He suggested the necessity of having a permanent office for the Industrial Development Authority at the headquarters of the 100 May Investors Association, in order to facilitate investors and help them solve records and licensing problems.

Matar pointed to the need to encourage factories to increase their exports by reducing any tax burdens, solving insurance problems, and dealing in the spirit of the law with investors. From members of the association to communicate urgently with government agencies to solve current problems and submit proposals to the government to ensure facilitation for investors in the interest of the state and investors alike. Mayo and the head of the Insurance Authority to discuss a number of important files in this regard and to find solutions to some of the complaints raised. The conference stated that the agency spares no effort in meeting the needs of the region’s investors and overcoming any obstacles. A committee will also be formed to solve drainage problems in the industrial city, as well as pave some roads after the completion of backfilling and covering drainage works, stressing the raising of the efficiency of roads in the city by a very large percentage during next July. New industrial areas for investors during the next few days with different areas, to meet the requests and needs of investors regarding the establishment of new factories or the implementation of the necessary expansions.

Hammam added that the May 15th City Authority will receive any requests from investors regarding increasing electricity capacities as well. That the agency continues to solve any problems related to the water system.

Representative Mohamed Tayseer Matar, a member of the House of Representatives, suggested forming a committee of investors whose role would be to equip and motivate the city’s factories to export their products in conjunction with the direction of the political leadership to reach Egyptian exports to $100 billion.

He pointed out the importance of having representative offices Government agencies in the industrial city of May 15, headed by the Industrial Development Authority, to save time and effort for investors.

He pointed out the importance of addressing some of the negative aspects related to inspections of facilities regarding labor insurance. May the need for the government to expand in providing the necessary lands for industrial investment to enable companies to set up new factories, or to make expansions for existing factories.

Hassanein explained that facilitating procedures for industrial investment comes on top Demands and priorities that must be focused on during the next stage.