Real estate expert: Great demand for joint administrative spaces, especially in East Cairo, with an occupancy rate exceeding 95%

Eman Al-Wasili

Cloud stores are a new phenomenon that has recently invaded the Egyptian market

The role of the commercial developer is to develop and operate spaces to cope with new and innovative uses

The Corona pandemic resulted in an increase in the volume of orders via the Internet, with percentages that may exceed 70% of the order volume in some stores. For cloud stores in Egypt, the commercial developer is the one who develops commercial projects and rents them to people who have the ability to manage the unit and be able to promote its products. Journalist Marwa El-Haddad, who broadcasts on Radio Egypt, said that recently some challenges have emerged related to the percentage of works and the volume of return on commercial real estate projects. He added that the design and implementation phase is one aspect and the operation of successful commercial places is another aspect, which is the most challenging aspect.

He said that the shared office space is considered a kind of innovation in the exploitation of administrative spaces and the exploitation of inventory, and it appeared in Recently, it witnessed a great demand in the Egyptian market, and the percentage of occupancy in East Cairo increased by more than 95%. On the other hand, in the coming period, the market will provide another type of commercial stock consumption, which is the joint commercial spaces through the exploitation of the shops inside the commercial malls and their use by more than one brand, to provide multiple products within the same commercial unit.

(He said that the Corona pandemic that affected the world and Egypt, resulted in an increase in the volume of orders via the Internet, or what is called “delivery,” which may reach more than 90% for some operators in commercial malls, and thus the rental of places has become Distinguished large commercial businesses and excessive spending on finishes is not feasible for the economies of demand, which contributed to the emergence of a new type of joint stores and cloud stores designed for the purpose of delivery, a new model on the Egyptian market and it appeared in the United States of America more than two years ago as a result of high The volume of demand via the Internet and the desire of customers to obtain the commodity in a short period of time.

He said that 90 percentage of 90 % of the youth New people prefer to shop online, pointing out that cloud stores will become a phenomenon in Egypt, through the value of Or some brands to have a joint site through which each party presents and displays its product on the Internet to its customers without the need for each of them to obtain a designated place at a high rental value.

He pointed out that the role of the commercial developer is to provide spaces And to develop them in line with the new uses, which is storage and home delivery, and therefore there must be a technological element and another related to raising the spatial and design efficiency of these stores to accommodate more products and reduce the time required to prepare orders.

And he stressed that these models help Young people and entrepreneurs to enter the business market at the lowest possible costs, and perhaps this comes in conjunction with the announcement of the “Tik Tok” platform its direction to establish a thousand cloud kitchens in the United States of America specialized in delivering food to homes during the next two years, provided that the platform supports entrepreneurs who broadcast Videos on their page explaining the methods of cooking foods and their specialized recipes. The social network will enable those who follow these videos to request a cooked recipe directly through the platform and receive it from the nearest cloud kitchen in less than an hour. Workers who created a source of income from these simple videos and at the lowest rates of risk.