The Minister of Trade and Industry reviews the government's efforts to make a quantum leap in Upper Egypt

During her speech at the second annual conference on sustainable development in Luxor

Nevin Gamea: advancing industrial development in Upper Egypt is a top priority of the Ministry’s action plan

Minister Nevin Gamea affirmed Trade and Industry that the Egyptian state pays great attention to building the capabilities of the Egyptian citizen in various fields, believing in the importance of the human element in building a strong society and economy that pushes the wheel of development towards a better future, noting that the government has taken upon itself the responsibility of achieving a breakthrough in the Egyptian society in all its economic and social aspects. Achieving sustainable and inclusive growth that ensures the representation of all segments of society, and preserves the rights of future generations to resources, and provides equal opportunities for all Categories of the Egyptian people.

The Minister said that the political leadership is keen to advance Upper Egypt during the current stage, which was reflected in President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s visit to a number of Upper Egypt governorates, and the inauguration of dozens of national projects within the Upper Egypt Development Week. And this is within the framework of the development movement that Egypt is currently witnessing in various fields and at all levels.

(This came in the context of the Minister’s speech that she delivered during her participation in the activities of the second annual conference for sustainable development, which is held under the patronage of the Prime Minister and organized by the Orman Association in cooperation with the Federation of Egyptian Industries, under the title “Sustainability and Economic and Social Transformations” in Luxor. The activities of the conference are the Ministers of Planning, Youth, Migration, International Cooperation and Social Solidarity, along with Eng. Mohamed Al-Suwaidi, President of the Federation of Industries, Mr. Roberto Suarez, Secretary General of the International Organization of Employers – via video conference technology – and Mr. Hatem Al-Ashry, Advisor to the Minister for Institutional Communication, along with Eng. Hossam Kabbani, President of the Association Orman.

Gamea explained that the government launched the sustainable development strategy “Vision of Egypt 2030”, which aims to become Egypt by With a competitive, balanced, and diversified economy that depends on innovation and knowledge, and that adopts the principle of justice, social integration and participation, and that it has a balanced and diversified ecosystem, and that invests the genius of place and people to achieve sustainable development, and that it raises the quality of life In this regard, the Ministry of Trade and Industry adopts sustainable development initiatives to support the neediest groups in an advanced institutional manner to achieve the goals of the economic dimension of sustainable development in Egypt’s Vision 2030, and to enhance the role of sustainability in raising the competitiveness of economic institutions and increasing productivity, Enhancing economic and development indicators, adhering to the rules of integrity and transparency, and fighting corruption.

The Minister pointed out that achieving comprehensive and sustainable industrial development in Upper Egypt comes at the top of the priorities of the ministry’s action plan during the current stage, as the ministry seeks in coordination with all agencies The state is to develop and develop existing industrial areas, establish new ones, and expand the establishment of specialized industrial complexes with the aim of advancing industrial development in the Upper Egypt governorates, benefiting from the economic potential and available natural resources, as well as providing more job opportunities, noting that an integrated development plan has been drawn up to develop The governorates and villages of Upper Egypt included defining the targeted economic activities according to the demographic nature of each region.

Gamea indicated that the ministry is implementing many national projects aimed at deepening local industrialization, which include a local development program in Upper Egypt to promote sustainable local development, create productive job opportunities to reduce poverty in the governorates of Sohag and Qena, and create about A thousand new job opportunities, improving the business environment at the governorate level, and maximizing the number of beneficiaries from individuals and businesses by improving and providing the structure The infrastructure and services provided, in addition to the establishment of specialized industrial complexes at a cost of 136 one billion pounds in a large number of governorates

The minister added that the ministry’s efforts also included offering about 9 million and 136 One thousand square meters of free land in Upper Egypt governorates, of which about 6 million and 363 one thousand million square meters have been allocated, in addition to issuing About 7 thousand 454 industrial licenses in Upper Egypt, and the issuance of about 7 thousand 454 First time operating license and adjusting statuses 86 License, in addition To take advantage of the presidential initiative to develop the Egyptian countryside “a decent life” to enhance the percentage of the contribution of the targeted centers in providing some of the needs of industrial activities, and to benefit from the already existing economic blocs to develop industrial activities in the targeted areas, as well as to develop an executive plan to expand the provision of financing and training programs The vocational activities necessary for the industrial activities in the targeted villages, and linking them to the supply and value chains.

And about the plan of the Ministry of Trade and Industry to achieve industrial development in the governorates of Upper Egypt, Jameh explained that the plan includes completing the attachment 20 An industrial zone, with regard to water, sewage, electricity and energy networks, in addition to identifying the most important opportunities and projects available for industrial investment in Upper Egypt, which amount to 454 Opportunity, most of which are medium projects whose investment cost ranges between one million to 454 million pounds, which were classified according to the size of the target project and the preparation of detailed studies for each opportunity, noting that the basic criteria in the choices of the targeted activities include the deepening of industrialization The local area and the components and capabilities of the governorates, in addition to attracting the informal sector and the spaces of industrial units and opportunities to integrate them, as well as providing job opportunities and competitive advantages for each region and the offered spaces.