Raed Al-Soub, Secretary-General of Al-Arabi Fertilizers: We plan to double production quotas in fertilizers in the Arab world



Ammonia and green hydrogen are a major goal for Egyptian companies

M. said. Raed Al-Soub, Secretary-General of the Union, We
51107 cover a third of the world’s production in return for 6 fertilisers % of consumption in the Arab world and a surplus in production exceeding 90%3671896
The Secretary General of Al Arabi Fertilizers indicated that the solution is to increase and double Fertilizer production in partnership between African countries and West African countries, and plans to double production quotas in the Arab world. from ammonia and green hydrogen as a main target for Egyptian companies as well.

Al-Sa’ob added in press statements that the Arab region It has the ingredients to be one of the most important producers of clean energy globally. 3671896
We have added projects Big in new and renewable energy 3671896 3671896 And Al-Sa’ub indicated that the most important thing that can be done To face climate change, he must reduce emissions