The workforce witnesses the first signing of a collective labor agreement from the manpower headquarters of the new administrative capital minister * Achieving benefits for 3,000 workers in the Eastern Company

Iman Al-Wasili

Administrative Capital: Saad Eddin Badi’

Minister of Manpower, Mohamed Saafan, witnessed the first event from the Ministry’s headquarters in the government district in the Administrative Capital The new, signing of a collective labor agreement between the Eastern Company (Eastern Company), the General Union of Food Industries Workers, and the Trade Union Committee of the company’s employees, realizing benefits for

workers in the company.

and welcomed The Minister of Manpower, in the presence of members of the company’s board of directors and representatives of workers in the General Union and the Trade Union Committee of Workers, in the presence of the Ministry of Manpower building in the new administrative capital, which today witnesses the signing of the first agreement of its kind in the capital recorded in history for workers and the company’s board of directors.

The Minister made it clear that this agreement is the result of joint discussions between all parties under the supervision of the Ministry during the past period, which realistically expresses the aspirations of workers and fulfills their wishes and aspirations so that they can live a dignified life as Egyptian citizens and workers on the land of their beloved Egypt.

He indicated The Minister indicated that the role of workers’ representatives and the general union to which they belong does not stop at taking care of workers during their work periods m, but to follow up on them after they leave early retirement to check on their future and create a better tomorrow for them and their families.

On his part, Eng. Tamer Gadallah, Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors, thanked the Minister of Manpower for his sponsorship of the agreement signed today, which we are pleased with. To be the largest collective labor agreement launched from within the new administrative capital, which reflects the role of the state and its institutions in support and implementation to ensure that workers in public and private institutions obtain all their rights within an organizational framework compliant with all parties.

Khaled stated The head of the union lived, that the agreement achieved many advantages for a voluntary outsider and obtaining the compensating bonus stipulated in the agreement or continuing to work according to the company’s need. Whoever applies for voluntary exit after accepting his request from the company to terminate the work relationship by mutual consent according to the age groups, where the reward for workers is from 55 a year to 55 for a year equivalent to three months’ wages, calculated on the basic wage, for each year of service

The two parties also agreed to add a lump sum to be paid once as an additional end-of-service gratuity, equivalent to
EGP for each month remaining in the service until reaching the age of The sixty for the same category.

The two parties agreed that with regard to the contributions of the workers’ fund, the company bears the share of the worker and the company in the contributions of the fund for a period of five years from the exit, and in all cases the minimum end of service gratuity for this category shall be no Less than 55. 000 pounds.

The agreement stipulates the company’s commitment to pay the cash consideration For the balance of the leaves that were not taken by the worker whose request for exit was accepted during the period of his work in the company, in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law No. The company approved in this regard.