The International Conference on Intelligent Mobility will start next Sunday in the new city of El Alamein

Aya Hussein

The new city of El Alamein will host the activities of the International Conference on Intelligent Mobility ICSM ’22 organized by the International Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Division of Technology Management TEAMSIEEE under the auspices of Dr. Al Alamein International Robotics, organized by the Academy of Scientific Research in partnership with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, during the period from 6-7 March, with the aim of shedding light on the results of emerging research in the field of smart mobility systems and services. 2022 In addition to monitoring the challenges and obstacles that may face various government visions around the world in the process of transformation to smart cities, and unveiling the most prominent innovative trends in designing and managing the future of cities at the global level.) 2022 It is scheduled to witness the conference in which toasts will participate A group of decision-makers, experts and specialists around the world has 3 main tracks: governments, the future of smart mobility, city planning towards smart mobility and smart mobility technologies, by reviewing a set of research papers, giving technical speeches to participants, holding discussion sessions and workshops to evaluate research participation.

2022 In a related context, the conference is scheduled to discuss the availability of an advanced framework for governance that helps define safety standards, legal frameworks and the correct planning of cities for optimal integration With these advanced technologies, which means that smart mobility depends on three complementary factors that will be discussed during the conference activities in the presence of international and local experts from government, academic and industry institutions, namely technology, governance, and city planning and these three components are not separate but affect each other

It should be noted that smart mobility is one of the main pillars that characterize smart cities such as the administrative capital and the new Alamein in Egypt, and Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates, and The Line in Ni Smart mobility systems and services have gained increasing interest from major car manufacturers, service providers, academia, city planners and government institutions due to their expected benefits in addressing the shortcomings of traditional mobility systems and the effects related to safety, congestion and emissions.