“AJYA Property Management” contracts with “Namaa Misr” to exclusively market the “château Home” project.

Ashraf Tawfik

AJYA Property Management contracted with Namaa Misr Real Estate Development Company to exclusively market the “château Home” project in the New Administrative Capital.

Mohamed Tantawy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AJYA Property Management, said that the project is located on an area of ​​

acres in a privileged location in the new administrative capital, a project that is being implemented with concepts that are present for the first time in the Egyptian real estate market, explaining that the project includes executed residential buildings In the concepts of “Chateau Home” and “Plaza Garden”.

He explained that the “Chateau Home” concept is a French model that is being implemented for the first time in the New Administrative Capital and in the Egyptian real estate market, and for the “Laza Garden” concept, it is a new design that makes the unit on the first floor enjoy a private garden and balcony, and the units’ spaces range between And the243 meters.

He added that AJYA Property Management was established in 2019 with the aim of practicing various activities in the field of real estate marketing, including marketing projects exclusively and not exclusively. In addition to training sales officials to have sufficient experience to carry out the task of real estate marketing, as well as providing real estate consultancy services to clients, stressing that the distinguished real estate marketing company aims to serve its clients through multiple axes.
Engineer Nazmi Abdel Fattah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Namaa Misr for Real Estate Development, explained that the château Home project is characterized by the arrival of the construction rate in it. for 40%, which reflects the seriousness of the company and the high rates of implementation of the project, and the client can inspect the unit under review Execution before purchasing it, and the project is marketed with various payment systems of up to 8 years, and units are delivered within 4 years of contracting.

He pointed out that Namaa Misr Company has a more general precedent The company is strong in the Gulf market as well as in the local market. The company is a pioneer in the field of real estate development and contracting in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The company has also implemented several unique projects in the New Administrative Capital, as well as in a number of governorates with high demand for real estate.
He added that the new administrative capital is one of the projects that are witnessing strong competition in which distinguished companies succeed in implementation and delivery, which develops projects to suit the target customers, as well as offering flexible payment systems commensurate with the purchasing capabilities of customers.