Misr Capital crowned as the best investment bank in Egypt by “Global Finance”

خليل البواب Khalil Al Bawab

Global Finance announced the awarding of Misr Capital – the investment banking services arm of the Bank Egypt – As the best investment bank in Egypt for the second year in a row, as part of the annual review that is conducted based on the assessment of many international experts and analysts concerned with the financial services sector, based on a wide range of international banking standards. 20210711 These criteria include reviewing the most distinguished in terms of profitability, quality of service provided to customers, market share, competitive prices compared to other financial institutions, In addition to the introduction of innovative banking technologies, in addition to the number and volume of transactions concluded during the year.

Akef Al-Maghraby, Vice Chairman of Banque Misr and Chairman of Misr Capital, said that the company’s obtaining praise from major international institutions comes as a culmination of the efforts of the team and management. In achieving all objectives in all the company’s departments, whether asset management, debt issuance, direct investment funds, or bond brokerage.

Misr Capital ended last year with the largest market shares in investment funds, and was ranked as the largest asset manager in Egypt in terms of total assets under management, with an asset base that exceeded its total value 38. 7 billion pounds, to exceed the company’s target size of

. billion pounds.

For his part, Khalil Al-Bawab, CEO and Managing Director of Misr Capital, indicated that the company benefited from the rapid recovery of the Egyptian economy from the impact of the Corona pandemic and the continuous development in the legislative environment by the Financial Supervisory Authority, and working with all relevant parties to issue debt or to launch investment funds that are appropriate and in line with the company’s strategy in developing the debt instruments market in Egypt. He added that the company was able to achieve integration between the efforts of the work team and the absolute support of the bank management Egypt is turning into an entity that can leave a mark in the Egyptian market, which was witnessed by many international award-giving institutions, pointing out that the past year witnessed the company’s launch of six diversified investment funds, and work with many partners and authorities to launch products dedicated to serving all segments. Investors, such as the brokerage activity in bonds and working with many parties to issue bonds and sukuk, in addition to launching a fund every month – the first of its kind in nearly a decade – and a daily instant fund designed for the purpose of financial inclusion as a primary objective of the fund.

He explained that the company’s work on many debt issues, launching various funds and developing the base of managed assets by more than

Billions of pounds within a year, with the launch of two responsible investment platforms and the start of brokerage activity in bonds, is what crowned the company with an award The best investment bank in Egypt.

The market shares of the assets managed by the company came to reflect the position of Asset Management in Misr Capital, where equity funds managed by the company acquired % of the total equity funds in the Egyptian market, and funds compliant with Islamic Sharia on (%) and balanced funds on 386 % of the market, and capital protection funds acquired a market share of 380%, and liquidity funds on
%, while fixed income funds acquired 130338 %.

as The debt issuance sector strengthened its leadership by completing 7 various debt issuance deals for many leading companies, to enhance the position of the leading company, as it worked on deals with a total value of 2005 One billion pounds from a year ago
until now.

20210711 The Misr Capital Bond Brokerage Company, which launched its activity last year, has achieved steady growth as it executed deals that exceeded their total value 297 One billion pounds in less than a year since the start of its activity.

The company has also launched the largest investment platform in Health care in Africa with a value of 386 one million dollars, in addition to the Lighthouse educational platform in cooperation with the Egyptian Sovereign Fund and major financial institutions in Egypt and the country Al-Arabi.

Al-Bawab expressed his aspiration to achieve more achievements and successes Through the team work and the development of the base of managed assets, and the launch of many diversified investment products, the company will continue to grow the investor base, and achieve more financial inclusion in Egypt, through a daily immediate fund and other funds that the company is working on to be launched during the current year.